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6 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles at Night

Fri, Jan. 22, 2016 Posted: 07:33 AM

Our face is very precious and we strive to keep it looking healthy and youthful. As we age, however, wrinkles start appearing and some appear prematurely. Wrinkles may be occur due to various reasons like the environment but it also happens that at night there is a greater risk of accelerating the appearance of wrinkles. Your sleeping position and cleaning you face as you go to rest plays a vital role in wrinkle appearance among other causes. A few steps can be adopted to keep you wrinkle free and assist in wrinkle treatment and removal of fine lines.

1. Remove Your Makeup
Despite the beauty of makeup, most chemical used in its manufacture are toxic from the eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush and lipstick. Various chemicals that can be found on the ingredients include lead, acetate and talc, which is quite scary. The skin is a living organ and this means that the longer the chemicals are on the skin, the higher the risk of penetrating the skin pores. Sleeping with your make up on, increases the risk of premature aging whereby wrinkles and laugh lines appear. Leaving your make up on leads to dryness which is another major cause of skin aging in addition to preventing your skin from getting the necessary oxygen it requires.

2. Wash you face
During the day, you are exposed to an environment full of pollutants such as dust and grease. These pollutants land and stick to the skin and you carry them with you. The pollutants sip into the skin pores breaking down collagen which is an important protein in maintaining the skins elasticity and prevent the development of wrinkles. Washing your face with a gentle face wash, bar soap or simply rinsing with a wet cloth can ensure you go to sleep with a ‘clean’ wrinkle free face. Washing it also massages the face thus increasing the blood flow to the skin providing more oxygen and nutrient supply for easy regeneration.

3. Sleep on you back
You sleep for six to eight hours. During most of that time you will be in the same position and if it will be with your head on your face, you could accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. As you sleep you also constantly push against your pillow and if it is not soft enough you could actually end up stretching your skin thus directly encouraging wrinkling. It is advisable therefore to sleep on you back as this position places your face away from the pillow compared to sleeping on your tummy. For those who may have trouble sleeping on their backs, another alternative is having satin or silk pillowcase on your pillow; it is extremely soft and will allow you face just to slip on it compared to getting stretched

4. Sleep in clean sheets and bedding
After 3-4 days, your pillow and sheets accumulate dirt from your hair and body. Seeping on them may lead to your facial skin picking up the dirt and just like dirt you accumulate during the day, it blocks skin pores hampering cell regeneration as well as oxygen supply to skin cells. This is likely to cause pimples, acne and even age spots to appear. You should therefore, change your pillow case at least twice every week.

5. Use Anti aging patches
We often involuntarily fold parts of our faces as we sleep. This can lead to wrinkling around that area. To solve this anti-aging patches-Furless-cream can be applied on such areas. They are mostly transparent stickers that help to remove wrinkles and fine lines in a gentle natural way. You can look them up at a store or order them online.

6. Moisturize
Dehydration causes dryness of the skin that can accelerate the signs of aging such as wrinkles. Moisturizing the skin with a suitable moisturizer especially after using a cleanser is therefore very important. Moisturizing you skin enables the body to maintain a healthy water composition and therefore, be able to carry out important activities such as the removal of toxins and transport nutrients. These functions are both for the skin cells.

From moisturizing your skin to ensuring you remove your make up before bed, these tips might just be the magical key to achieving that flawless wrinkle-free skin you want. It is important to keep in mind that these are daily activities like cleaning your face. No matter how tired or lazy you feel, and you just want to jump into bed, you should ensure you facial skin is well taken care of daily. Taking care of your skin will not take much time and it will repay you in a very special way.


Daisy Grace