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7 Sleep Hygiene Tips to Cure Sleepwalking Disorder

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 This seems to be one of those disorders that you see frequently on comedy television shows and not in real life. That is not true. I actually had a former colleague who sleep walked and would see what was in the refrigerator at night and then go back to bed. It just goes to show that sleepwalking disorder comes in different forms. Here are seven sleep hygiene tips to cure sleepwalking disorder. I hope my former colleague is reading this!

1. How to sleep better. I recommend doing yoga prior to bed. This will help to relax your mind, relax your body and relax your thoughts prior to falling asleep. If you do not enjoy yoga, then do some deep breathes or meditation prior to sleeping. We each have different ways to relax our mind which is one of the best ways to sleep better. Figure out a way that works for you, or your friend so they can have a more peaceful night's sleep. It is more important than you may think. It is funny because my colleague would only sleep walk at her parents' house, never her own flat.

2. Get a good night's sleep. Sleep is everything. I know it sounds odd that you need to have a good amount of sleep so you do not sleep walk, but sleepwalking is often from not being able to sleep well. Keep your mind calm and you will be able to sleep better at night. Easier said than done, I know, but sleep is everything. If you sleep well at night you are less likely to sleep walk. It does make sense in the end if you think about it. Disturbed night means sleepwalking while an undisturbed night means no sleepwalking.

3. Listen to soothing music so you sleep better. This is what I do at night. My mind often races rethinking about what I did that day and it can be difficult at times to fall asleep. I have a list of songs I play from my iPod and it helps me sleep at night and stay asleep. People even buy noise machines so they can listen to crickets, flowing water or the ocean to help them sleep better. These are simple ways to stay asleep and keep your mind under control.

4. Sleep disorders. Sleepwalking is a major sleeping disorder. Sleepwalking is not something that is serious, but you are able to injure yourself while sleepwalking. This disorder affects more people than you think and that is why it is important to educate yourself on the disorder. If this is something new, then be sure to alert friends and family and those you live with. You will want to take every precaution you can so you are safe until you figure out how to solve the problem.

5. Hypnotism. I have tried hypnotism to lose weight and it does work. Some people are more easily hypnotized than others, but in the end it will work if you allow your mind to follow. There are different downloads you can use, and one can be to relax your mind. The hypnotist speaks and has background noise such as an ocean or birds chirping to help you feel more relaxed. Give it a couple of weeks and you will feel a difference. You will feel more relaxed and your mind will feel less tired as well. Go ahead, give it a try.

6. Exercise. This is something I swear by. When your body is tired at the end of the day, you will sleep better. I tend to exercise at night because I try to exhaust myself so I have a better workout. If I did it during the day I would be too tired to do anything else. Take up running, jogging, spinning or aerobics and your body will feel better, your mind will be more relaxed and you will feel less stressed. It is a win win situation. If you are not sure what classes to take, see what gyms offer a free week long pass and try out different classes. You won't have to spend a dime.

7. Put your phone away. If you stay away from stimulation, you may sleep better. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites should be viewed prior to bed. You should keep the artificial light from your phone away from your bed so you can sleep better. You do not need to read your emails prior to bed. That is your time, not your colleague's time. Turn off the phone and use an old fashioned alarm clock to wake up if you feel too tempted. It will get easier as time goes by, I promise.

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