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Ancient Acne Products That Still Work!

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Ancient cultures had the same feelings about their acne that you do. They wanted it gone. There are many ancient remedies that were used that are still popular and viable today. These tried and true products are exactly that. The products are proven to work since before we can even comprehend. Some of these products include honey, sulfur, and green tea. Each of these has been used somehow by ancient civilizations to help with their acne problems.

Acne is an annoying and tedious problem. Anything from oily skin to pollution affects how your skin reacts to contaminate. Internal biology and hormones also control what happens with your face as long as the rest of your body.

While there are many modern acne treatments that work wonders, those don’t always work for everyone. We all have different body chemistries, after all. Natural remedies have been around for a lot longer than you may think. Anyone who has told you acne is a modern problem was grossly misinformed.

Honey- Ancient Egyptians took record of a few pharaohs that had skin problems, just like they did with most other things. The methods they used to control these issues are much like the natural ones today. They used honey, which will always have amazing healing properties for many things. Sulfur was also used in Ancient Egypt, but I’ll cover that later. There is also evidence of acne scar treatments in some ancient Egyptian tombs.

Green Tea- Drinking green tea every day is wonderful for your health. With antioxidants and many other goodies, it’s really good for your body and your skin. While there are not any studies done, the evidence definitely shows a correlation between acne and green tea.

The great thing about green tea is that you can drink it and use the leaves to help your acne. This way nothing goes to waste. After your 3-6 cups of green tea, take apart the tea bag and combine with honey. Once it’s made into a nice paste, it can be applied to problem areas.

Drinking green tea can also benefit your acne by reducing the microbes that even cause the problem in the first place. It’s so great it can even help treat all of the scars from your years of struggling with acne. You can make toners and face masks with green tea powder, just make sure to use organic powder. Inorganic can contain ingredients you don’t quite want on your face.

Sulfur- Ancient Romans used to take baths in hot mineral waters. This was said to help alleviate acne problems. Sulfur is one of the best treatments for acne. It’s many healing properties exfoliates and dries out oily patches and dead skin. It also prevents pores from being blocked and refines your skin tone. Many acne products now contain sulfur and it’s not as rare as it may sound.

Acne is an annoying problem. Luckily, we’re not the only ones who had to struggle with it. Our predecessors figured out a whole slew of things to help theirs. Ignoring their somewhat ridiculous reasons for thinking acne happened they had some pretty good ideas. Taking them into your thorough consideration can only be of great help as it’s definitely going to help you battle that annoying issue.

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