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Apple to Attempt to Build an Electric Car - Here Are Our Suggestions

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Have you heard about these companies trying to create the car of the future? Of course, over time we've seen car companies building and showing the latest prototypes, but over the past few years it's companies like Google that have made the headlines in attempting to create the perfect electric car, and even trying to go driverless with their concept. Now, Apple is choosing to jump into the mix with a new project that aims to go outside the company's comfort zone, and just like Google, hoping to generate an even greater reputation towards the public by creating perhaps the future standard when it comes to driverless and electric cars.

What does such a project involve? Well, first and foremost security, but then features come as a close second. The products like best laptops and car looking attractiveness, despite being a car, has to be attractive enough for people to make the switch, and people have to feel safe, or perhaps even safer, for them to put some money on the concept. Google has already suggested some solutions with some automatic breaking when coming close to contact with other cars and objects, but there still has to be things that Apple must do to stand out. Here are some suggestions and maybe what we should expect from the company when it comes to their car project:

Make it look real
While Google's attempt so far looks to be going along great, there's something about that driverless car that doesn't make it seem close to landing in our reality any time soon. Of course, Apple is the master of design, so they could come up with something better in making the driverless concept look like something that works in terms of style for today's roads. A driverless car shouldn't look like a spaceship, target or toy - it has to be something that's accepted all across the board on our roads. Perhaps some hints about it being a driverless car would be great, but there has to be some true integration style-wise with what's currently on our roads. Or perhaps if the iPod produced this trademark look we think about when it comes to MP3 players, the Apple car could do the same when it comes to driverless cars?

Make the "device" accessible
A car is one big device, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be accessible. Drivers will perhaps feel intimidated at first when they meet and put the car to use, so the introduction and assistance have to be top-notch in order for the whole thing to work. There will be users who aren't experienced when it comes to the automobile industry and who will not have followed the project prior to hopping in the car. Apple's devices do generally have a certain learning curve to them, but the experience and support on the dashboard, manuals, etc. will need to be of great quality. Perhaps some suggestions to the user the first times they use the car would be great, and voice command should be part of the mix as well. A driverless car probably feels different according to the areas in which you put it in, so certainly a map of certain low traffic zones to explore at first would be useful.

Tracking of various data will also be a must to make the most out of the driverless concept. One of the key thing to feel and be secure in a driverless car will be the tracking of all the data the car uses to make its decisions. Sure, not everything has to be revealed to the user, but at least some information about the dynamics involved will please most people. To make the most out of the extra money invested in such a car, users will want to learn things like traffic patterns of their city and when it's best to actually sit it out in another location than the car itself. Surely, some improvements and updates will come with time for Apple's driverless car, and users should be able to stay on top of things. Also, using any driverless car should be area-sensitive, meaning that the use of a driverless car will feel different depending how far you go, and the car should track anything relevant for you to feel safe.

Bundling other Apple products with it
And finally, Apple should obviously think about bundling up some of their products with the car. Apple TV, iPod system, iPads on the backseats... nothing should be out of the question to make this the best driverless car ever. This could be the edge Apple needs to outdo their competition who, while they haven't build a ton of cars over the years, are able to offer some extra incentives in the form of technology products that will have some customers looking for tech land on Apple once more to make this important purchase. Apple products owners are used to the support process suggested by Apple when it comes to electronics, so going for maintenance under an Apple roof would be interesting to them.

Are you excited about the idea of owning a Apple car? Do you feel like it's getting closer to reality? What features would you like to see included? 2020 is the year mentioned for now for Apple to officially enter the automobile market. Hopefully, we will see as many updates on their behalf as we did from Google.


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