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Daisy Grace

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Posted 10/5/15 at 7:01 AM | Daisy Grace

More Features or Improved Camera? What Matters for Your Next iPhone

 The next iPhone that's about to be announced in the beginning of September will have more than one new thing to offer, and you might wonder where your focus should be when making your choice. This year around, the update should be about both better hardware and improvements on the side of functionality. Which is worth more your money? Keep reading for more insight.

First off, the upcoming iPhone is definitely one that will be more functional. When it comes to apps, you will be able to use multiple ones with much more ease than previously. The new iOS9 operating system allows you to view two apps at once and go back to the previous one more easily. Then, your iPhone should become more your partner of choice for many tasks. Previously, your phone could've been considered as a backup option to work or navigate and compare things, but the upcoming iPhone should change your perspective on that topic.

A camera worth the consideration
Is that worth more than a better camera? If you like to take pictures with the front camera, the upcoming iPhone will feature a better one than its predecessors. Rumors about the back camera being around 12 megapixels are circulating a bit and there will be some improvements on that end as well. The iPhone 6S/7 should then be a phone that's worth a lot as a gadget. So, the back camera will perform better as usual than the front one, which is expected to have about half the number of megapixels, as it's often the case with most models. Then, on the more hopeful side, the back camera could be even stronger than this first round of rumors with 21 megapixels being another number thrown around. Then, that would mean that despite the lack of a major makeover in many areas of the phone, this new version could simply allow you to kill it on your Facebook page with some great image quality. FULL POST

Posted 9/14/15 at 2:51 AM | Daisy Grace

Apple to Attempt to Build an Electric Car - Here Are Our Suggestions

Have you heard about these companies trying to create the car of the future? Of course, over time we've seen car companies building and showing the latest prototypes, but over the past few years it's companies like Google that have made the headlines in attempting to create the perfect electric car, and even trying to go driverless with their concept. Now, Apple is choosing to jump into the mix with a new project that aims to go outside the company's comfort zone, and just like Google, hoping to generate an even greater reputation towards the public by creating perhaps the future standard when it comes to driverless and electric cars.

What does such a project involve? Well, first and foremost security, but then features come as a close second. The products like best laptops and car looking attractiveness, despite being a car, has to be attractive enough for people to make the switch, and people have to feel safe, or perhaps even safer, for them to put some money on the concept. Google has already suggested some solutions with some automatic breaking when coming close to contact with other cars and objects, but there still has to be things that Apple must do to stand out. Here are some suggestions and maybe what we should expect from the company when it comes to their car project: FULL POST

Posted 9/3/15 at 1:41 AM | Daisy Grace

Does Brain Supplement cure Brain cell burn out?

How to Prevent Brain Cell Burnout with Supplements

Brain supplements already proved to be beneficial for the overall functionality of our brain, but can they cure or prevent brain cell burnout? Recent study about the link between brain cell burnout and the Parkinson's disease increased the importance of this issue once again.

Brain cells burnout complications
The latest study published in the Current Biology journal inspected the brain cell burnout and its consequences. It is important to mention that brain cells burnout occurs as the result of energy crisis in cells that have quite high energy needs in order to move properly. This crisis causes cells to overheat and burn out.

The new study was conducted by Louis-Eric Trudeau, a professor in neurosciences and pharmacology. The results of his research confirmed that brain cell burnout is one of the factors that cause Parkinson's disease.

Trudeau and team of researchers investigated why the mitochondria inside the brain cells in the area affected by Parkinson's disease work "hard" and overheat. They discovered that cells have complicated structures and this complexity requires high amounts of energy. FULL POST

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