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Get Long Thick Eyelashes

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The major role of eyelashes is to prevent dirt and insects from getting to your eye. The eyelashes are also used as a way of enhancing a woman’s beauty. You can visit a beautician can help you on the tips to enhance your eyelash look or even have them made for you. There are false eyelashes which can be placed professionally making you have thick and long eyelashes. There are also natural ways of obtaining your eyelashes such a feeding on some foods as discussed below. Thick and long eyelashes make you look so gorgeous as most people’s attention will be based on your eyes.

The following are ways in which you can get long thick eyelashes;
1. Trim your eyelashes
Most people think that plucking eyelashes is similar to trimming them, but they are two different things. Plucking is one of the greatest causes of eyelash loss whereby the eye tends to be painful and reddish with no eyelash. You will also be in a difficult situation when opening and closing your eyes. Visit a professional beautician to have your lashes trimmed. This will be one of the best decisions made to enhance long and thick eyelashes naturally. You will have to cleanse them on a daily basis to enhance their growth and after a period of one month, the lashes will be as you have desired.

2. Diet
Check on what you are feeding on and avoid junk completely in your daily meals. This is because it causes delay in the growth of hair. Take lots of vegetables especially greens and fruits. Make each and every meal a moment of having two fruits and 3 glasses of water. This will boost the growth of eyelashes while the vegetables help to speed up the process of thickening the lashes. No one will believe they are natural lashes unless you prove to them the process. Ensure that you use cleanser recommended for eyelashes and cleanse them twice in a day. This will also boost the length of the lashes to long and noticeable one.

3. Petroleum jelly
This is an easy way for you to handle and achieve natural thick and long eyelashes. Ensure that you have properly cleansed your lashes from any sort of makeup before you apply the jelly and make sure that no makeup is left. This method can only be suitable at night before you sleep for it to be effective. Use a soft bristled brush to ensure that you do not harm your eyelids. This brush helps to massage the eyelids and use eyelash enhancers for them to appear long.

4. Green tea
This is an herbal drink that has so many benefits to the human body. It is also used to enhance beauty and ensure that there no side effects when used. Intake of green tea inhibits growth of hair not only the lashes but also the hair on your head. This will be an advantage making you have longer and thicker hair on your head. Ensure that you take 3 cupfuls of green tea on a daily basis and you will be able to notice the difference within a period of two weeks. First it will start with the thick hair then it will be the increase in length which will be noticed after a period of one month. You will only notice the changes once you follow the procedures given to the latter.

5. Olive oil
It is so perfect for hair growth since it ensure the eyelashes are thick at first then work on speeding up the process of making them long. Once you attain the length, you deserve, ensure that you stop using the oil.

6. Remove eye makeup at the end of the day
Some makeup’s such as mascara can delay the growth of lashes if they over stay on the eyelashes. Ensure that you use the best cleansers to help clean the mascara completely.

7. Lemon peels soaked in olive
This involves the use of juice or paste made from lemon and olive oil. You are supposed to apply it daily on your eyelashes making you have very thick and long eyelashes within a short period.

The above are 7 ways possible for you to get eyelashes. You only need to get them and follow the procedures to the latter. You can manage to maintain long and natural eyelashes by avoiding the plucking thing which makes the natural eyelashes beautiful. Un-plucked eyelashes look so thick, long and dark becoming the first thing to catch people’s attention. Focus on maintaining natural eyelashes since they will not cost you as much as it is for the false eyelashes. The false eyelashes need much attention and require more money in order to maintain them and make them look beautiful.


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