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How Cognitive Distortions Can Fuel Your Stress

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When we are stressed, our minds can play tricks on us. I know mine does it all the time. I tend to overthink things and become a bit irrational. I do not think everyone is out to get me, but I do sometimes wish more things would go my way. Stress is a daily occurrence, but I think we need to discuss how cognitive distortions can fuel your stress. There are many small ways this can happen, and I think some need this to be explained so it helps them to calm down and find a way to destress their minds and life.

First, how to reduce stress. This is something you need to know first. Whenever I feel stressed, I go outside. Luckily I live in an environment where I can walk outside most of the year without having to worry about rain, sleet, snow or ice. I can just grab my sneakers and go for a long walk on a nature trail, or take a jog around the development. Going outside and breathing fresh air helped me get through my dissertation. If it were not for a local park, I do not think I would have finished it due to cognitive distortions and stress. Looking at a computer can do that to you.

You are probably wonder what are some cognitive distortions. One is filtering what we hear. If we do this the wrong way, it piles on the stress. You sometimes look at the work you have to do and it just seems so huge that you will never get it done you have school work, regular work and someone is asking for your help. You are being stretched too far and you do not know who to say no to so you just freeze. The work you are paid for is not getting done, you miss a vital class at school and you never confirmed whether or not you can volunteer. This is what messes some people up. Just tell them you are not currently able to volunteer, but you will get back to them as soon as possible. Go to class and then do your work. Just take a step back in order to not be stressed out.

A second cognitive disorder would be jumping to conclusions. When you have a lot on your plate this is difficult not to do. You receive a bad grade on an exam or essay, you received an email at work and then no one calls you to fill in for them. Why does everyone hate you all of a sudden? Well, stop thinking that and just work on yourself. That is what a bad grade means. Plus, the email at work may not even be bad, you are just jumping to conclusions thinking that it is bad. Just take a step back and take a deep breath and let it out. See why you earned that grade and reach out to your instructor. This will show them that you are working hard and that you want to improve. Open the email at work and see what your boss wants. Finally, do not worry that people are not calling you in to cover their shift. Spend the extra time on your school work instead. Stop jumping to conclusions.

If you want to, there are some top cognitive supplements you can take to help with your situation. One of them is fish oil. Not only does this help with your joints, but it also helps with your brain and mind as well. When I took this when I was going to school and working at the same it, it helped me focus on my school work and not be stressed with work. The second I stopped taking it I could feel the affect. Don't believe me? Try taking it during a stressful time in your life and you will see that it helps.

Another cognitive supplement is iron. This is especially true in women. It is important for us to have a good dose of iron for our bodies because of that time of the month, or if we are pregnant. If not, we have problems concentrating and learning, and our memory is not as strong. These are all important functions we need to have in order to keep away stress. A strong mind is vital for a woman to have. That way she can think clearly and process the information she is given. This is not a cognitive supplement men need to worry about as much.

My final cognitive supplement (out of many) is gingko and vitamin e. Gingko is a popular herb that helps with our memory, and vitamin e should be paired with it. Many believe that green tea holds the same powers as gingko does, but scientists are still not sure about it. I know I love green tea, so tell me it is a supplement that may help my mind will encourage me to drink more.

It seems as though there are lots of ways your mind can cause stress, and it is not just from jumping to conclusions or filtering through your life properly. When you become stressed, drink a cup of green tea and take a deep breath. If the green tea does not work, then switch to red wine like I do.

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