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I Was a Failure, and Then Virectin Turned My Life Around!

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This is a story that I never thought I will ever tell. It is very embarrassing but since I am over it, I will tell it. About 3 years ago, I was having bad times when it comes to landing girls. I was very busy with my internship that I lacked time to hit on girls or visit a brothel. I had gone for over three months without getting laid and then I landed a girl from my former school and we started dating...

We started having sex about 3 weeks after the happy reunion. The first time I had sex with her, I lasted for like 40 minutes and I was going all hard and fast for majority of the time. I considered 40 minutes quite satisfactory and she too liked it because she scheduled another session in a more 'romantic environment', I was hitting her in a guest house since we were miles away from home.

I Was a Failure, and Then Virectin Turned My Life Around!

Since that first time, anytime we had sex I could only last like 15 minutes tops. And this is when I took it slowly and taking breaks sometimes even a minute. We had sex 7 times or so since the first time and it was always short and slow. She had confessed that she loves it hard and fast and as soon as she started going crazy I would have to slow way down else I would ejaculate. She was starting to get worried since every time I would come up with an excuse which we would correct the next time we had sex.

I tried all money of techniques that I read on the internet. I had tried everything. I flicked my nut a few times during the sex; I tried thinking of non-sexual thoughts the whole time, I even masturbated the day before she came to get served... Nothing seemed to work.

She loved sex and I loved sex. We also loved each other in case you are wondering but the sex was not as good as we would want it or as I had promised. We thought of having other means of sexual satisfaction like using toys and blow jobs. As much as it was fun, we all wanted to stick it in but as soon as we did it, I would explode. So I sought for practical fixes to this one single problem that had even started affecting my job.

My first practical fix was to start using condoms. I read they helped someone to last a little bit longer... weird huh, it was the complete opposite. I decided to change the brand of condoms and got thicker condoms... well it added a few seconds to the sex but reduced the pleasure tremendously.

Well my second practical solution actually worked. I came across a product called Virectin. Consumers of the male enhancement product were posting all manner of reviews and after every virectin review I read, I knew this is the product I needed and so I gave it a try. I bought a bottle.

Luckily enough, my girlfriend was traveling for two weeks so I had time to experiment with it. To cut the long story short, when she came back I hit it for 45 minutes straight. An hour later I hit it for another hour. She couldn't believe it! She liked it. I was back!

I never looked back. I take the supplement daily and my sex life has never been better. With my current track record, I believe I can even sustain a one-man-multiple-girls orgy for hours. I have firmer erections and last longer than I could have imagined.


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