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Is Sleep Apnea Linked to Memory Loss

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Sleep Apnea Linked to Memory Loss

It seems as though sleep is the greatest thing for our bodies. Our minds are refreshed, our bodies feel great and we are happier and more cheerful. If you suffer from sleep apnea then you know the downside of trying to sleep at night. It appears there are numerous side effects from sleep apnea and it appears that memory loss may be one of them. I checked the research and this is what I discovered.

Improving memory. This can be difficult for those with sleep apnea, especially because it is linked to memory loss. I have a friend who does sleep studies and she has noticed many patterns in people who have sleep apnea and memory loss seems to be one of them. She wants to reverse this and help them to improve their memory instead. Studies are making it more and more difficult to do since sleep apnea seems to be a leading cause of Alzheimer's.

Studies have shown that those who suffer from sleep apnea show a steady decline in memory loss a decade before others who do not suffer from sleep apnea. This is especially scary for those who discover sleep apnea at a young age. One of my former colleagues suffered from sleep apnea and he had to lose weight because he would stop breathing in the middle of the night. Loss of breath could perhaps be a reason for loss of memory.

Sleep apnea may be the reason for rapid decline in cognitive receptors as you age. This is why you need to be treated as soon as possible. If you wait too long, it can get worse. Sleep apnea happens to different people for different reasons. You need to find out why it happens to you before its long term side effects take charge. This could be any number of things. You could have sleep apnea due to weight problems, or due to stress. You could even have sleep apnea from snoring and from allergies. The thing is you just need to figure out why you have it so you can keep it under control.

I know you do not want to read this, but it could also cause brain injuries and memory loss. If you stop breathing at night, then your brain is not receiving enough oxygen. If your brain does not get enough oxygen then it cannot function properly. This is quite serious. Brain injuries are permanent. You cannot reverse them once they happen. If you stop breathing at night it could be because of weight or even asthma or allergies. If it is from weight, then I know my one colleague had to have gastric bypass and had his stomach made smaller. Less food intake makes you lose weight. This was the only thing he could do since he was not able to lose the weight on his own. If it is from asthma or allergies, consult an allergist and they will be able to prescribe something for you to take at night. Medication is far better than suffering from an irreversible brain injury, isn't it?

Children are lucky because they are not the main culprit of sleep apnea. It seems to affect adults more which is not very surprising. Adults tend to take care of their children better than themselves so it often goes undiagnosed and not taken care of. It also affects men twice as much as it affects women. Why this is, I could not tell you. If you are serious about preventing Alzheimer's disease, then you should have you and your loved one's looked at. Alzheimer's is a scary disease, especially if it can be prevented.

So are there other ways we are able to contract sleep apnea? Sure. Studies also show that sleep apnea is linked to rhythmic drops in the blood oxygen level and thus can affect organs in your body differently. Remember everyone's bodies are different and unique so things that happen to your body are affected differently. Drops in my oxygen levels will affect me differently than one of my close friends or colleagues. It does not mean that we should act differently towards it.

If you feel as though one of your friends or family members has sleep apnea, approach them about it. If you are in bed and you can tell that your partner stops breathing at night, do not think twice about having them call the doctors in the morning. It can mean life or death later down the road and you should be choosing life rather than them turning into a vegetable. That is no way to live your life.

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