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More Features or Improved Camera? What Matters for Your Next iPhone

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 The next iPhone that's about to be announced in the beginning of September will have more than one new thing to offer, and you might wonder where your focus should be when making your choice. This year around, the update should be about both better hardware and improvements on the side of functionality. Which is worth more your money? Keep reading for more insight.

First off, the upcoming iPhone is definitely one that will be more functional. When it comes to apps, you will be able to use multiple ones with much more ease than previously. The new iOS9 operating system allows you to view two apps at once and go back to the previous one more easily. Then, your iPhone should become more your partner of choice for many tasks. Previously, your phone could've been considered as a backup option to work or navigate and compare things, but the upcoming iPhone should change your perspective on that topic.

A camera worth the consideration
Is that worth more than a better camera? If you like to take pictures with the front camera, the upcoming iPhone will feature a better one than its predecessors. Rumors about the back camera being around 12 megapixels are circulating a bit and there will be some improvements on that end as well. The iPhone 6S/7 should then be a phone that's worth a lot as a gadget. So, the back camera will perform better as usual than the front one, which is expected to have about half the number of megapixels, as it's often the case with most models. Then, on the more hopeful side, the back camera could be even stronger than this first round of rumors with 21 megapixels being another number thrown around. Then, that would mean that despite the lack of a major makeover in many areas of the phone, this new version could simply allow you to kill it on your Facebook page with some great image quality.

But then again, you could look at things from another angle - the new features and functionality offered on the next iPhone could be considered as minor, but they will be useful to get used to for the future. The app switching, the touch-sensitive screen and notes system should all be carried over to the next versions of the iPhone and should give you more power in the long run. Creators will like the new screen for a better control as they draw, the app switching will have those work addicts panic a bit less on the road and a better notes system can mean you can trust your machine to carry your latest discoveries.

Likely an interesting deal and investment
Both the better camera and improved functionality aspects should help the user during travels, as you can browse maps more quickly with the improved app, take some better pictures without having to pull out an actual camera, and then note what you did to recover it back quickly. Stating that the new iPhone is about speed would be pretty accurate. Photo experts will enjoy it as well, but they could get addicted to the new navigation features just as much as anyone else. Hopefully, the camera can be up to standards with what people are hoping for, but at least we should get something better than the previous iPhone.

Sometimes it's hard to tell what's worth more the money when you buy a new phone, but the next iPhone should have a mix of both that will make it worth its price as a machine. Apple will have to decide if they call it the iPhone 6S or even iPhone 7, but in this latter case the camera would have to be much stronger, and have a big jump in performance like some rumors have suggested. Your choice to purchase the next iPhone could have a lot to do with your daily activities - do these features (or simply the camera) sound like something that will help you on a daily basis? Sometimes when buying a phone we just go by what's impressive and make us feel good at the time of the purchase, but the next iPhone could be that device that doesn't necessarily make you feel all hyped up at the time of release, but that makes you grow more enthusiastic with time.

The new camera is a good thing to test out at first because a better resolution will make a difference in your results, but in the long run a mix of news, notes, maps, apps and Siri assistance could lead to more satisfaction. The arguments to sell this next phone come down to details, but it's the details that make a product a true classic. Maybe the next iPhone will be a definite keeper, especially for those who like to keep one phone for several years. Finally, this phone will be one to benefit of an Internet connection to remain fully functional and sharing and tagging photos will likely be one of the first things to do when you get this new gadget. For owners of huge photo albums, or people who take a lot of photos on a trip and need to sort them out later when they're less busy or under the sun for instance, the next iPhone could provide easier organization and sharing. We hope you enjoyed this insight and look forward to the release of the gadget, no matter what your priorities are.

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