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Skin Care During Night: Must Follow Routine

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The skin is the most active organ during the night as you sleep. This is the only time that the skin feel free to conduct its functionalities. It is important not to mess with the functions of the skin and that is why there is a skin care routine for the night. Following the right routine is essential and important in the development of your skin. Routine should always be followed regardless of the new rules in the block.

Knowing your skin type is important in identifying the best routine to follow in taking care of it during the night and day as well. Oily skins especially have to be taken care of with extra consideration. This is because they are sensitive in their own way to products. Moisturizer in specific have to be selected with the utmost care. This might prove to be a difficult process for you. It is not easy to know what is best for you unless you already have the information that guarantees the suitability of the item on you. To solve this dilemma, here are the best moisturizers for oily skin. Find your solutions here:

1. Dermatological Clear Start

Dermatologists are the best in the skin care world. They advice you on what to use on skin for the best results within a short span of time. This product has been produced by them to assist in the moisturizing and in dealing with oily skin. It is first on my list of the oily skin moisturizers on the market. Apart from moisturizing, it is good in the clearing or removal of excess oil from your skin and protecting from the sun rays; sunscreen properties. This product is a three in one product. This is the main reason why it is best suited for oily skin.

2. Peter Thomas Roth

This is the most luxuriant oil skin moisturizer I have ever set eyes on. It is a lightweight in its application and endears itself to you with one simple look. The best thing about this moisturizer is that it has other skin care functions different from moisturizing. Purchasing it is like purchasing a whole skin care routine product. It is suitable for both the young and the old. It removes excess oil from the skin preventing the formation of black and white heads, acne etc. Its other functions include: softening and evening out your skin color and complexion, increases skin elasticity and therefore reducing wrinkle formation and smoothening out the facial lines.

3. Seriously Shine Free

This moisturizer is oil free making it perfect for use on an oily skin. Aloe Vera one of its ingredients is perfect for hydrating and strengthening your skin. The aloe vera in the moisturizer keeps the skin oil free, smooth and reduces the amount of shine on your face for the day; its shine free. The bamboo used in the moisturizer is essential in the removal of oil. It absorbs excess oil from the skin opening up your skin pores. This minimizes any risk of blocked or clogged skin pores ensuring you have a smooth, even toned skin complexion the whole day, week and year.

4. La Roche-Posay Effaclar

This moisturizer is from the French people. It is the best in minimizing or getting rid of any shine on your face during the day. It smoothes and reduces the size of your skin pores so as to prevent excess oil from settling in them. This eliminates the likelihood of white heads and black heads. This also prevents excess oil from appearing on your skin leaving your skin oil dry but well hydrated in the end.

5. Grown Alchemist

Moisturizers for oily skin are known for their extra services. This is why the Grown alchemist bits all the others. Apart from it moisturizing effect on the oily skin, it can remove acne scars and other skin blemishes such as increased pigmentation. It is also essential in the balancing of your skin tone ensuring a smooth, flawless and pigment free complexion. This is the best in achieving different functions all at once. Its ingredients are all natural and plant sourced which makes it even more natural than the others with the same functions.


Skin routines are fundamental but the products used dictate whether or not the results aimed at will be achieved. Products produce different results and have different effects on different skin types or people. Do not expect similar results as another person from using the same moisturizer or any other product on your skin. This essential information is needed in identifying the best product to use. The above discussed moisturizers are the best in treating your oily skin. Practice patience and ensure you follow the routine indicated to achieve a smooth, flawless, even-toned or well balanced skin color and above all, oil free and shine free complexion.

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