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Skin Pigmentation Disorder: Is It a Disease?

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Skin pigmentation disorder is a disease that involves change in color of your skin making it lighter than normal. The human skin contains melanin which is the dark coloring matter that determines whether you are dark or light. Albino has no melanin in their skin making the skin look so light and therefore, their skin is so weak under the sun. In this case, if the white patches are not treated, the patient may experience skin pigmentation disorder. This skin pigmentation does not allow you bask in the sun since the skin is so weak to bear the hot sun rays which cause the black patches. These patches can become wound if not well treated.

What causes skin pigmentation?
Stress and dietary imbalances
Your body needs to be at peace for it to function normally and properly. Melanin formation requires lots of oxidative reactions involving amino acid tyrosine to inhibit/alter melanin production.

Low melanin production
This is known as hypopigmentation whereby the skins tend to look lighter than normal. This requires immediate treatment which should not be done over the counter but by an experienced skin expert. In case it is an infant, first let him/her have the morning sunshine which is always a solution. Older people can always have further medical attention to get a permanent solution to skin pigmentation disorder.

Due to so many body reactions and external factors, pregnant women tend to have skin pigmentation disorder. This problem ends up once the pregnancy is over, enabling the skin color to look normal.

The followings are skin pigmentation disorders and possible remedies
The immune system in the body affects the skin causing white patches around the eyes and the mouth. In some people, it appears behind the hands and also the skin discoloration can appear in the whole body though rarely. This disorder is known to occur to diabetes, anemia and thyroid patients. The white patches look like burns and have no cure. However, the patients should not worry much since there are some remedies for it. Dr. Rajesh Shah advises the patients to keep off sour juices since they convert body pH balances to acidic. In this case, melanin production requires an alkaline base and therefore the sour juice disables the production. This disorder can also be reduced by intake of water kept overnight in a copper vessel. The patients can also apply a mixture of ginger juice and red clay to the affected areas.

It is a complete absence of melanin which is inherited from one member of the family. The disorder is expensive to handle since it has no permanent cure but the patients can normally live like other people. The patients need to use sunscreen always to protect the skin and also wear sunshades for eye protection. They are prone to severe sunburns and skin cancer if they go without sunscreen.

There are so many types of pigmentation whereby Melasma is one major that affects the face specifically. It is said to be caused by nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy among many other factors. There are brown patches seen on the face which permanently ends after pregnancy. Women using birth control pill also have Melasma due to the effect from the drugs. Post menopause symptoms include Melasma, which affects women in a larger percentage than men. It can be treated by use of sunscreen, taking a table poon of Triphala Choornam with warm water, applying fresh Aloe Vera juice once in a day among many other treatments.

Post inflammatory
This disorder has home remedies that work perfectly well to the affected. There are some minor problems such as sunburns, tan, burns and blisters that can cause skin infection and lead to skin pigmentation disorder. Therefore, you need to be so keen with your skin to prevent getting infected with this disorder. Some home remedies include use of papaya to make a paste that will be used as face mask to clear sunburns and brighten your complexion. There is another remedy which requires you to use 1½ table spoon of oatmeal, 1 spoon of yogurt, and tomato juice. Simply mix them and apply the paste on the affected area on a daily basis. Aloe Vera gel clears sunburns so fastt.

Skin pigmentation disorder has so many remedies and therefore, patients who had lost hope should now be relieved. The best advice is always to take care of your skin despite how it looks. There are permanent cases such as albinism that are appreciated and recognized as anyone else and thus, they should not prevent the victims from achieving their dreams. Your skin as the largest part of the body, defines who you are i.e. in relation to how you maintain it.


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