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The Unknown Science behind Skin Brighteners

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The arena of beauty is one that is marked by constant developments and innovations. Each and every day is marked with a new beauty product being released into the market. And this one promises better results than all the others combined. Take for instance the recent craze about skin brighteners. If you are in the dark (of course you cannot be), these are products that help reduce any visible skin darkening that may be prominent on your skin. Be it general dullness, uneven skin tone or that annoying spot on your face, skin brighteners will get rid of all of them and leave you with a lighter skin devoid of any discoloration. Sounds excellent right? But have you ever sat back and sought to decipher how these products work? Or you assume its pure magic; another wonder of the world?

Now, these products don’t work on the miraculous basis. There is a science behind their functioning: one that is deeply rooted in their ingredients. It is this science that you will get acquainted with if you continue reading this.

How skin brighteners work?
For these products to make your skin lighter and brighter, they do the following thing to your skin:
1. Reduce melanin formation
Your skin contains a pigment called melanin that is responsible for the filtering of the harmful UV rays of the sun as well the determination of your skin shade. A darker skin shade will mean more melanin while a lighter one will signify lesser melanin levels. Normally, a skin brightener will be made of ingredients like vitamin c which generally reduce melanin production in the body. Now when you have a dark patch on your skin, it is usually because melanin is highly concentrated at that one point. When you apply this product on the patch, you will be reducing the melanin and consequently reducing the darkening. This is why a constant application of the product will leave you with a lighter skin as it will have significantly reduced the dark pigmentation from your skin.

2. Exfoliation
If you have been in the chase for beauty long enough, then you must have met this bull. This is the process of removing the dead cells from the skin in order to avert the risk of skin break outs. In addition, these skin cells have been known to cause darkening of the skin when they form a layer on top of your skin. Skin brighteners will help in this venture because they contain ingredients like glycolic acid that help in the removal of this unwanted layer of dead skin cells and blemishes. Therefore, if you invest in the best skin brightening products, you will be able to smile all the way to a blemish free face that is much lighter.

3. Preventing acne
This is a condition that is usually realized in the form of black and read heads appearing on the skin. This is mostly as a result of the skin’s inability to remove the dead skin cells and any excess oils. When this happens, these two will remain trapped in the pores and will form a thriving place for bacteria. It is these bacteria that will cause the black and red heads that appear on your skin. However, with our product of interest as your trusted companion, you will be able to exfoliate skin thus ensuring that no skin cells or excess oils are clogging the pores hence the risk of acne is kept hectares away. The prevention of acne can be made even easier if your brightener of choice contains Niacinamide as an ingredient. This is due to its widely known acne prevention effect. The absence of acne means no black heads and hence an even skin tone.

4. Supplying your skin with antioxidants
According to DR. Jaliman, antioxidants are the ideal solution in the healing of any damage caused by the harmful UV rays from the sun and the subsequent darkening of the skin. In a lay man’s language, these are substances that will prevent cell damage by inhibiting the oxidation of molecules. Normally, your skin will require antioxidants in good amounts in order to protect the skin from any sun triggered darkening. Now, a skin brightener will contain antioxidants like vitamin c which will help keep the menace of skin darkening at bay.

Skin brighteners do not grant you a lovely skin miraculously. Rather, it is the ingredients that comprise the products that go into your skin to reduce melanin levels, reverse sun damage, prevent acne and exfoliate skin in order to give you an even skin tone. This is because a skin will only be bright and flawless if it is devoid of any dark spots, dead skin layers and is protected from sun damage.


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