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What Benefits I Had After Using Solvaderm's Rejuvoderm

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With a wide array of skincare products today, one might think it’s easy to find something effective to improve the quality of the skin. However, if your skin is prone to various problems such as acne and blemishes or oiliness, then you have probably realized how difficult it is to deal with these problems.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had picture-perfect skin even thought I always wanted that. Although oily skin, acne and blemishes might not seem like huge problems to other people, they’re quite frustrating to us who have to deal with them constantly. You don’t know what products to use because they just make your skin shinier. Also, with shine, there also come acne breakouts and it’s needless to mention how skin looks utterly lifeless.

I have spent almost my entire life fighting with oily skin i.e. trying to find suitable solution. I have had oily skin since my teenage years. However, puberty and teenage years are usually characterized by greasy skin and acne. You don’t really expect to fight with it your entire life, at least, that’s what adults usually tell you when you start complaining.

When I was in high school my face was awful. It was too shiny and acne contributed to the overall awful look. My mom knew how affected my self esteem was which is why she bought me some products that were supposed to relieve oiliness. Unfortunately, they weren’t helpful. In fact, my skin problem only managed to aggravate and I was desperate.

When you’re still in high school, you always wonder what other kids in school will say and you start to despair thinking you’ll never find a boyfriend. I don’t even have to mention how those popular girls with picture-perfect skin always give you not so nice comment when they’re passing by in the hallway.

My mom booked an appointment in dermatologist’s office where I’ve been told that skin oiliness can be caused by hormonal influences that happen in teenage years and I got a cleanser and toner to use in order to reduce my problem. These produces managed to relieve my problem. Although skin was still somewhat oily and acne popped up here and there, situation wasn’t as terrible as it was before.

I used those products regularly. Also, I tried to stick to the skincare routine recommended by my dermatologist. He suggested I should star my day by cleansing my face and applying face cream, and end the day doing the same thing.

Years passed, but my problem with skin oiliness didn’t. It’s like I have also become immune to the products I used. Skin became extremely oily again, acne breakouts became quite frequent. Honestly, I’ve never thought that I’d struggle with acne when I reach 25 or 26. I decided to use different products. Luckily, there are various cleansers and toners and facial creams in drugstores and since I couldn’t really make up my mind, I reached for the very first thing I have seen.

Unfortunately, new cleanser and new toner didn’t work. Besides oiliness and acne breakouts I noticed my skin kept becoming more and more lifeless. It seemed like I’ve never used cleanser in my entire life. Then, I tried new cleanser and toner. This time, I opted for a famous brand whose ads can constantly be seen on TV (or in fashion magazines). But, they didn’t meet my expectations. I could write a ten-page essay about ineffectiveness of these products, but I’ll sum them up in three words – they were awful.

My ever-going quest for beautiful skin led me to internet where I browsed for some products that I haven’t used already and I stumbled upon the Solvaderm Rejuvoderm clarifying cleanser. Solvaderm’s website was very informative. It stated that Rejuvoderm is a cleanser formulated specially to address various problems linked with oily and acne-prone skin. Besides info about the products, I’ve also learned more about the oily skin on their Blog section and useful tips about skincare in general.

I didn’t have to wait for the product to arrive for too long, and I started using it immediately. I felt there was something different about it instantly. For example, after using it, I could feel freshness. My skin was, truly, refreshed and I have never experienced that feeling.

I kept using Rejuvoderm regularly and all my acne and blemishes were completely gone. That motivated me to use it constantly and I can report that ever since I started using this cleanser, I have never experienced acne breakouts again.

My happiness went through the roof when I noticed how skin radiance was slowly but surely appearing. Skin didn’t look so lifeless anymore. I have never thought I would have normal skin and face that wasn’t shiny. For example, when I touch my face now, there’s no shine or oiliness on my fingertips. How amazing is that?

After a life-long battle with oily skin and acne, I have finally won this war and it’s all thanks to Rejuvoderm. Hopefully, story about benefits I experienced with this product will inspire all of you, who deal with oiliness and acne, to give this product a try and resolve the problem to get the picture-perfect skin you deserve.


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