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What is the Latest Hairstyle for Women?

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Women change hair styles as often as they possibly can in order to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry. Let's take a look at some of the trending and contemporary hairstyles in the fashion market.

1.The French Twist
Even though the French twist has been in the market, it is still trending and still growing in popularity with time. This is because it has different styles of application for different head shapes not to mention the occasions into which it easily blends such as proms and weddings. The trending fashion in the French twist hairstyle department is that which is loosed at the ends. A typical twist involves curling your hair up into a twist at the back of the head and tucking the ends into the ridge created by the twist and finally inserting pins to hold everything in place. You could use hairspray to hold the loose hair in place. In the contemporary twist however, the loose ends are left hanging for a more casual and dashing look. Celebrity Bella Hadid is just the perfect embodiment of this 'twist' in the trending hairstyles. The French twist works best with long hair.

2. Headband Afro
For that puffy looking hairstyle,do not go for pony hair tail style but instead use a headband to create the illusion of a puff.Actually, the headband creates the puff not even the illusion.Good news for those with short hair as low as three inches long,you do not have to cover your hair and sit on your hands waiting for it to grow.You can have fun with it in the process as you wait on it to achieve its full length and which other way is better than the headband afro.To achieve it,moisturize your hair and brush it upwards then place a headband around your neck and pull upwards until you achieve your desired puff size. Using this technique you could puff your hair in three different ways;up,out or around. Preference is up to you.

3. Middle Half-Do Braids
The half up Dutch braids is the trending fashion now. It has different names. Some call it Half Dutch braids while others refer to it as the middle braided half-do but the concept is the same. It can be argued to be an improvement of the French braid. Basically, to achieve this style, separate your hair into three equal sections from the crown to the back and make braids at the ends. Make knots at the back with the help of pins such as bobby pins. You could also use elastic bands. This hairstyle applies to both medium and long haired people but it cannot be used for those with short hair. A real life example will be actress Kristen Stewart's latest hair do.

4. Double Buns
The double bun is perfect for your mornings. If you want a style that is both appropriate for indoors as you do your domestic chores while at the same time rock it in the limelight should you step outside your house or home for that matter, then this is definitely your style.To craft this multipurpose hairdo,wrap a twist of your hair either clockwise or anticlockwise from either the left or the right ear respectively until it forms a bun shape then clamp the ends of the bun using bobby pins. You can either choose to have one big bun or two equally shaped ones (Double bun) on your head just above each ear. Celebrity singer Ciara is just one of the prominent public figures to give this style a thumbs-up.

5. Messy Buns
The messy buns or messy top notch is just one of the trending to-die-for hairstyles of 2016.To achieve it, you need to first of all pull your hair into a pony tail design. The height of the 'pony tail' will depend on how high or low you prefer it. Do not comb your hair because this is the whole point of this hairdo; it's messy. Collect the bundled up hair into sections and tease it before creating a knot at the top and securing it with bobby pins. The ends of your hair will hang loosely for that messy effect and that's how you rock it.

If you are in dire need of a new look and you are not ready to trim off your hair for any reason whatsoever, then try the above designs. As you have seen there is style for every occasion and season and celebrities have embraced them too. Why not you? Furthermore, the best part comes in the fact that there are trending designs for every length; short, medium and long combined.

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