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Jais Paul

Jaismin have done bachelor degree in mass communication and is a social media activist since 2013. She is a freelance content writer working on Games and health topics.

Posted 12/9/16 at 10:09 PM | Jais Paul

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Passionate PC Gamer

There is a wide range of gaming accessories available in the market that are designed for all the different sort of gaming preferences of a gamer.

From an ultra sensitive palm grip mouse, mechanical keyboards and latest games to hottest VR headsets and powerful graphic cards, each gift category has variety of cool stuff to choose from.

Even if you are limited on your budget, it is easy to impress your gamer friends by getting them one of the killing PC peripherals that come cheap and yet desired by most obsessive gamers.

To make it easier for you to choose the perfect gaming gift, here is a quick guide.

Budget Graphic Cards
You can buy a decent graphic card which runs most of the modern PC games at resolution of the average monitor size 1920x1080. This can be a great gift even for those who already have a basic graphic card, as both cards can run parallel to optimize the gaming experience. Some new options are being released by Nvidia, GEFORCE and AMD soon, which support the latest directX 12 and are compatible with skylake and windows 10 processors. FULL POST

Posted 6/7/16 at 3:33 AM | Jais Paul

Does US Consider Sports Betting And Gambling Legitimate?

We’ve often heard about sports betting and gambling prevailing in the US. People might not be having the awareness how US has strong laws and regulations around sports betting and gambling. We know what you’re debating about Las Vegas the major gambling and betting hub in the US. There is no denying the fact that Las Vegas indeed is famous for gambling yet, there are certain laws and limitations to this as well.
The United States law related to gambling is governed by three diff kinds of regulations. One caters for the local areas, one for the state and one for federal entities. Some of the US states do have regulations which dates back to even two centuries now while there are states where there is no addressal to the subject at all. The modernized laws and rules of gambling or sports betting are highly complex because of the fact that they have been structured since decades. If over time the society and technology can change then why not gambling laws. FULL POST