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6 Body Movements To Help Relieve Neck And Shoulder Tension

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Yes, we know that extra 5 minutes of sleep is something we all crave for, but it is high time that we provide a productive start to our day. And what could be a better way to do this than to involve yourself in a few exercises which aim to release tension from your neck and shoulders.

We all have experienced those days with tight and heavy shoulders and neck that could be an immediate effect against our bad postures. Well, a few simple neck and shoulder pain exercises and stretches at the start of the day could be a wonderful remedy. Let’s find out, how.

1) Upward stretch

Start your day with an upward stretch exercise. It is a far better way to wake up your body and feel fresh throughout the day. It also allows the blood to flow across the body, helping in a smoother blood transmission. Lastly, it straightens the neck and releases the pressure points.

What do you have to do? Put your hands together and bring them above your head with the palms facing upward. Hold this position for some time. Thereafter, stretch your spine and you will be able to feel the ribcage tighten up and relax. You can keep this position for about 10 minutes and then try to include a sideways stretch in order to exercise your torso as well.

This leads to a full body toning that will keep you prepared for the rest of the day. Performing such neck muscle stretches will help you reduce all shoulder, neck and back pains!

2) Neck and shoulder stretch

Ease up all the tension that your body might have incurred physically while sleeping, all due to your bad sleeping posture. Neck and shoulder stretch just like upward stretch should be performed in the morning hours once you wake up to get your muscles moving and active. Given that taking clenbuterol increases the rate at which you burn fat, it makes results of proper diet and an exercise regimen likely visible in a shorter time.

At night, we are usually spending 6 to 8 hours in bed, sleeping in one or two postures. This leads to quite a lot of tension in the muscles. Performing the neck and shoulder stretch can release the same tension and help your body become easy and relaxed.

The muscles on either side of the neck can be stretched separately in order to carry out this exercise. In order to cater to the muscles on the right, push your left ear towards the left shoulder and hold this position for about 20 seconds. Next up, do the same thing with your right ear and turn it towards the right shoulder. Once that is done, you can simply move your shoulder and neck about their positions by bringing the shoulders to the front and then back and likewise. Doing this exercise repeatedly can help you release the tension in the muscles and have a neck pain–free day ahead.

3) Hamstring stretch

Make your legs awake and active by performing a hamstring exercise. Since the muscles in the body are all inter-connected, releasing the tension in the legs can hugely help you get rid of the pain in the neck and shoulder regions.

So, start your morning by performing the conventional hamstring stretch. However, in order to make it more effective, make sure that you keep your pelvis straight keeping the hips grounded and centered. This acts as a wake-up call for the leg muscles in order to help them start the day afresh. Another thing you could do here is to circle your ankle in the same direction a few times. Keeping in mind all of these points, it is a rather simple exercise and can help you cure a lot of body problems including your back and neck pains.

4) Reclining spinal twist

The next neck strengthening exercise in our list of the best body movements to release neck and shoulder tension is the recycling spinal twist. As complicated as it may sound, it is rather simple and does a whole lot of good to your lower back. After a long night of sleep, this is what will help clear the tension off your lower back.

All you have to do is simply get into a position of spinal twist and hold it for at least 30 seconds. You can continue this on both sides in order to achieve a completely stress-free set of body muscles. Do keep in mind that you might be encountering a few crack sounds while getting into the pose. This is normal and there is no cause for worry here. However, ensure that you are not pushing yourself into the pose. Instead, let it come more naturally without affecting the body or the stretching muscles. If the body is able to get into the stance naturally, you are good to go. Otherwise, it is best not to pressurize the body.

5) Lying down quad stretch

We all have engaged in quad stretching exercising sometime or the other. Quads are some of the most overworked muscles in the body and hence we need to keep them fit in order to get rid of body aches and muscle tensions. It is true that we are more aware of exercises concerning quad stretches in a standing position. However, the surprising fact is that quad stretches can also be carried out when we are lying down.

The postures are simple to achieve and are very effective for releasing muscle tension. In order to get the most out of these stretching exercises, you can simply squeeze your butt when you are still holding that position. You can perform this neck straightening exercise in the morning as well as other times of the day when it is suitable for you. In this way, you keep your muscles active and alive throughout the day.

6) Tennis ball massages

This exercise is easy and simple and can be performed anywhere and anytime. Tennis ball massages basically allow you to work the muscles on your back and help them stay active throughout the day.

All you will need for this exercise is a smooth stretch of wall and a tennis ball as a prop. Stand with your back dagainst the wall and hold the tennis ball in between your body and the wall. With very slight but efficient movements, gently move the ball across the neck and between your shoulders.

Remember to face away from the wall in this situation. In this way, you are providing adequate massage and exercise to the neck and shoulder muscles. When you are already performing this exercise, you will feel the tension go off your back and feel a sense of calm. This sets the tone for the body for the rest of the day and keeps you alive and active. There are no difficult poses or stances involved. All you have to do is use a tennis ball against your back and the wall.

Over to You

They say that a great morning can make your day. Make your morning a real productive one with the help of the above-mentioned exercises and release the tension from your neck and shoulders on the go. It is highly recommended to try simple and soft postures that will help relax the tension and yet not be too heavy on the body.

In addition to the above Do-It-Yourself exercises, you should also opt for the famous chiropractic treatment, if need be, for relieving any built-up tension in your neck and shoulder and to further, relax them up.

What are your views on this? How do you handle the neck and shoulder tension? What are your favorite shoulder exercises for pain? Do let us know in the comments.

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