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Cosmetic Surgeries can go Fatal

Sat, Sep. 02, 2017 Posted: 06:18 AM

Is there any reason why you would resort to cosmetic surgery? There are many reasons why women undergo this type of procedure, even though they know the risks involved, such as death. According to a University of London study, low self-esteem, low satisfaction with life and constant exposure to media stereotypes are the main reasons why women undergo cosmetic surgery.

Fatal decisions!
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) states that these procedures involve risks and side effects, so it is very important for women to be well informed about the type of surgery if they actually want to prevent a fatal outcome, like the one of the following models. If you want to see some of the failed surgeries before and after pics, here you can

1. Catherine Cando- The 19-year-old woman dies after undergoing liposuction because of poor medical practice. The Ecuadorian beauty queen won a bonus for surgery after being crowned Miss DurĂ¡n in October 2014. Although she was not sure whether to undergo the procedure, in November of that year she decided to accept the surgeon's proposal.

2. Pamela Baris- The Brazilian model was 27 years old and died of bleeding while undergoing liposuction in November 2012. She was a television presenter in Brazil.

3. Wang Bei- The participant of the "American Idol" version in China, who was 24 years old, died after having undergone mandibular stenosis surgery due to pulmonary hemorrhage.

4. Solange Magnano- Miss Argentina, aged 38, lost her life in November 2009, after undergoing buttock lift surgery. The cause was a pulmonary embolism.

5. Edna Patricia Espinosa- The model and finalist of Miss Tanga, 24, died after undergoing a gluteal liposuction. Cardiac arrest was recorded while injecting fat into the buttocks.

Take care of your life!

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that there are four essential requirements that must be taken into account before undergoing plastic or aesthetic surgery.

1. Know the type of surgery well that the procedure is suitable for the person who will be performing the surgery.

2. Analysis of the patient. Identify that the individual is a good candidate for the procedure.

3. Choose a professional doctor. Investigate that the doctor is well prepared and has the necessary experience to practice the operation. Ideally, you should seek to be registered with health authorities.

4. Good facilities. Check that the hospital is safe and has qualified personnel to perform such operations.
Be self confident and do not assume your looks to be everything. If you are blessed with certain features, try to adore them. However, if you still want to opt for such a surgery, it is best to rely only on known and certified professionals.

Remember that any operation carries risks, however, when you are well informed and put into the hands of recognized professionals, these are reduced and your treatment will be a success. And you, what would you change about your body?

Unfortunately, people get hooked on cheap clinics because of the low price they offer, which are up to 4 times cheaper, compared to the budget that a certified plastic surgeon handles.

Emelie Hyde