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Get Used Car Warranty and Breathe Easy

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Purchasing a used car warranty is like getting stranded on an alien place, where you do not know which direction to follow. Television commercials, these days are filled with plenty of used car warranty advertisements that generally convince the people to take it and remain stress free from the mounting repair bills. Getting a warranty for your used is no doubt a wise decision; however, the problem that crops out here is that not many people have a great knowledge about its uses and long lasting benefits.

Many individuals just do not give a damn to the calls of the salespersons pitching a used car warranty, considering it to be an unnecessary expense particularly for the second hand car. That's not always the case because if your car breaks down or need some significant repair work, then it can really turn out be a 'blessing in disguise' as it helps in saving tons of money down the road.

When to Consider Used Car Warranty

It is a general question that pops out into the minds of many people. Most of them just go for the warranty, but do not use it all simply because they hardly experienced any problem with their car. However, if your car is notorious or breaks down repeatedly, then my friend believe me, the cost of getting your car repaired may exceed the amount you spend to purchase the car. In such a situation, having a warranty here is nothing less than getting a first prize as you are shielding yourself from piles of financial problems you may have experienced in the absence of a warranty.

If you have made up your mind to get a warranty for your used car and get a peace of mind, then considering two most important things is essential:

• Make, age and model of used car
• Number of times the car has been serviced in the last 12 months


There are chances that you may still be apprehensive enough to get a warranty for your car, mainly because of rising numbers of fraud cases. People feel cheated as they blindly believe in the words of car dealers or salespersons, without undertaking a sound research work. Well, not to worry as these prominent tips for buying a warranty will surely pull you out from the troubled waters.

• Make a point to read the terms and conditions before getting a warranty from the dealer.
• Never take a warranty from the company pitching its benefits on a phone.
• Don't get fooled by pitches like, "discount of warranty only for today", "the offer gets end tonight" and so on.
• Always get a warranty from the company that pays the amount for any repair directly. If it says that the amount will be reimbursed, then the company is doing
nothing but fooling you.

The Bottom Line

It certainly makes a greater sense to purchase a used car that comes with a warranty. Getting a car without warranty and paying towering repair bills from your pocket is just like jumping in the deep blue ocean, with the eyes wide open.

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