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Dr. Len Lopez

Dr. Len Lopez is a nutrition and fitness expert who takes a more natural, holistic approach to health and fitness.

Posted 11/5/12 at 1:52 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

What Does Health and Sin have in Common?

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Did you know that the ‘walk’ for better health and fitness is somewhat similar to your spiritual walk? They both encompass choices and our free will.

Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise? Do you stay away from the bad foods?

What about your spiritual walk, how is your pride? Do you stay away from envy, lust, greed? Do you choose love, patience, kindness, etc?

I ask those questions, because when I read Romans 7 I see a similar parallel between our spiritual and physical walk. It was Paul who wrote how he wants to do good, but evil overtakes him. I know what I should do, but evil still wins out, he says.

Are those regretful thoughts similar to the person snacking on a bag of cookies, candy, or sugary treats wondering why he or she can’t stay on a good clean diet? They want to eat right, they want to exercise…but somehow, someway they get tempted away from making the right choices.

Choices are just that - an opportunity to express your own free will. It’s not always easy to make the right choice. Although I do believe it is easier to make the right choice when you have the Holy Spirit inside you as Paul talks about in Romans 8. FULL POST

Posted 5/21/12 at 3:36 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Why Fish Oils are Important

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Heart health, arthritis, hormone imbalance and depression can all be helped with the right diet and or fish oils. The right diet should have the right balance of saturated fats to unsaturated and monounsaturated fats such including fish, olive oils, nuts and seeds. But if you are like most people and are eating too many of the saturated fats and not enough of the good fats – you could be setting yourself up for problems.

I don’t believe the good Lord made a ‘bad’ fat as some doctors like to call it. The problem isn’t saturated fats! The real problem is that we are eating too many of the saturated fats in proportion to unsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Back in biblical times there wasn’t a fast food around every corner serving you foods loaded with saturated fats. Most of the apostles were fishermen, so they were eating lots of fish, which were loaded with the good omega-3 fats. Those who weren’t eating a daily diet of fish were eating range fed beef. It has a much higher concentration of omega-3 fats than the beef of today that are raised on fed-lots eating mostly grain. FULL POST

Posted 4/19/12 at 1:02 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Health is like Religion

health is like religion, natural holistic medicine,

When you look at the way Christianity started – it parallels natural, holistic medicine in many ways.

Christianity first stated by threatening the established Jewish tenants. Natural, holistic medicine does the same thing to mainstream medicine.

The reasons why the traditional, establishment questioned anyone who thought outside of their views can be discussed for hours. The point of this article is to share some insight into the difference in beliefs and philosophy of traditional medicine and those of natural, holistic medicine.

We all know the struggles that the Apostle Paul went through when he changed his thinking and became a Christian, but did you know there was another gentlemen, who like the apostle Paul, was trained at some of the most respected institutions and revered by his colleagues for his knowledge.

His name was Dr. Linus Pauling, and is recognized as being one of the two greatest scientists of the 20th century. His discoveries in chemistry set the foundation for molecular biology and chemistry. He is the only person to ever receive two unshared Nobel prizes. However, when he started sharing his knowledge on the benefits of Vitamin C, nutrition and the whole healing model…he was quickly labeled a quack. FULL POST

Posted 2/29/12 at 4:01 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Design Your Fitness Program

If you are looking to start working on your temple (your physique, overall health) there are a few things you need to know before you actually start execising. Are you wanting to lose weight, add shape and tone, better health, or competition? Depending on your reason(s) will determine....

  • How much aerobic, cardiovascular training
  • How much anaerobic, strength training
  • How long you should train
  • Can your body (adrenal glands) handle the additional physical stress

And does your current health condition affect your training.

Getting healthy and fit is about training and dieting smarter - not harder and longer.  You don't need to over-train and spend too much time exercising and sacraficing other important things in your life. So here are a few things to think about as you design your fitness program.

  1. Exercise is a double edge sword. It can be both stress reducing and stress producing. The more intense the workout – the more stressful it is on your body and the more cortisol and adrenaline you produce. Hitting a heavy bag or a hard run may help you rid some mental anguish, but that intense workout will elevate your stress hormones. Can your adrenal glands handle that? Or are they already in a state of exhaustion.
  2. Exercise is a form of stress. Casual walking is exercise, but it's not that stressful. Weight training, Burst training or aerobic training done incorrectly (the most common mistake) is stress producing. Are you exercising and physically taxing a body that is already exhausted?
  3. Exercise is when you tear down the muscles. It's called the 'catabolic' or breakdown phase. Only about 15-20% of your results will come from the workout. About 70-80% of your results will come from Diet and Rest. This is termed the 'anabolic' growth phase. So make sure your emphasis the area that will give you the greatest return on all the time, energy and money you invest into your workout routine.
  4. The quicker you lower your stress hormones after a workout – the quicker the 'anabolic' growth phase begins. Don't assume your stress hormones drop back to normal after you finish working out. Do you hustle to the shower, wolf down a shake or meal, speed out the door, etc.? If that's you, I doubt your stress hormones are dropping back to normal, which means you're not giving your body a chance to rebuild itself.
  5. The more intense the workout the more testosterone (TT) and growth hormones (GH) you produce. These two hormones are what will help you burn fat, lose weight and keep you feeling young. This is again why you want to do some type of strength training or burst allows you to kick up those two important hormones. Strength training doesn't have to be long! Short, intense workouts are the great benefit of burst and interval training. FYI...if your adrenal glands are exhausted and stressed out you are not going to produce as much TT and GH...this is why measuring your cortisol levels can help you see if your body is too exhausted for the type of training you are performing – which could be why you've plateaued.
  6. More Exercise, More Stress = More Rest. This is a big one to think about, because you have to give your body a chance to rebuild itself. Are you giving your body additional rest to offset the additional physical stress? If not, you will deplete and exhaust your adrenal glands. You want to feel tired, but healthier after a good workout, not exhausted and depleted.
  7. The most common aerobic training mistake. Performing your aerobic workout at too high an intensity level. Only well trained marathoners and tri athletes should do aerobic training at 80-85% of the maximum heart rate. If that's not you, which is the majority of people out there, you should be doing your aerobic training at 65-75% of your max heart rate. Otherwise your aerobic workout has now activated Anaerobic Metabolism, which triggers the breakdown of carbohydrates and lean muscle.

Aerobic exercise should not elevate your stress hormones very much, but the higher the heart rate the more intense and stressful it becomes, thus elevating your stress hormones. The fact that a great percentage of people perform their aerobic exercise incorrectly is why so many people walk around in a state of Aerobic Deficiency and Anaerobic Excess!  Remember Jesus walked everywhere he went which built up his aerobic capacity.  Today most people don't get enough aerobic activity in their daily life. FULL POST

Posted 1/13/12 at 3:29 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Lose Weight, Exercise and Get Healthy - My New Year's Resolution

burst training

Now that the New Year is upon us and all our resolutions are at the forefront lets think about how our metabolism is functioning in accordance to how He designed it. This is important because many of the marketing hype out there is geared towards revving up your metabolism – which doesn't mean it is triggering it to burn calories from stored body fat, which is the key indicator as to whether or not you will lose the weight and keep it off.

Not that everyone is trying to lose weight and become healthier, but if that is you here are a few things you need to consider so you don't waste your precious time and energy.

  1. Losing weight isn't a simple math equation! The good Lord didn't design your body or allows your body composition to be based solely on burning more calories than you consume. If He die there wouldn't be so many people, struggling with their weight even though they exercise and watch what they eat. In order to achieve long lasting weight loss you need to make sure your metabolism is burning calories from stored body fat. Just because you burned 300 extra calories from working out – doesn't mean you burned stored body fat. I talk about this in "To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question"
  2. Your body burns calories by breaking down carbohydrates, proteins or fats. Those are the only three choices you have available. People who struggle with fatigue, cravings, irritability, hormonal imbalances and the inability to lose weight or add lean muscle are typically burning calories from the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins (lean muscle). You'll never drop those extra inches if you aren't burning calories from the breakdown of fats.FYI...He designed your metabolism so that it would prefer to burn fats more readily than carbohydrates, which is why you generate more than two-and-a half times more energy when you burn fats in comparison to carbs and proteins. This is one of the biggest reasons why fatigue and weight gain always seem to go together!
    test your metabolism

    Test your Metabolism and see if it is working for you or against you. FULL POST

Posted 12/6/11 at 1:55 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Dieting and Training for the Holidays

burst training, women can't do pull ups

It's easy to let your training and dieting efforts drop to the wayside during the Holidays, but don't despair because the attitude you have when you have that extra helping of food or dessert can have as much of an effect on the scale or in the mirror, as those extra calories and fat grams.

If you are in a happy, joyous state of mind...go ahead and eat those extra yummy treats, because the effect it has on your body won't be as bad, if you ate the same thing in a negative, unhappy state of mind.

There is a biblical passage that i'll paraphrase, and it goes something like this, "better a plate of veggies in a state of happiness than the fatted calf in anger." What do you think that means?

I think it was understood way back then, that there is a mind/body connection. So don't get all bummed out and depressed if you splurge a bit during the Holidays, especially if you're enjoying the Holidays and are in a happy frame of mind. The positive, mental feelings have something to do with how your body absorbs and utilizes those nutrients. FULL POST

Posted 9/16/11 at 2:29 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

What Ab Exercise Should I Do

If you are hoping to keep your temple in shape and I hope you all are, one of the biggest questions I get is what is the best exercise to do to trim my tummy.  The two most common movements are crunches and leg raises, so I want to explain why one is superior over the other, and why one can contribute to back pain.

Let me first say that depending on how old you are you may have forgotten that straight legged sit-ups were shunned years ago, because it aggravated low back pain. But aren't leg raises pretty much the same thing as the straight legged sit-ups... done in reverse?

To understand why I am cautious about recommending leg raises, you only need to know a little anatomy and physiology. I'll also show you a simple test you can perform at home to illustrate why I recommend one movement over the other.

The good Lord designed our boy like a 'pulley' system, so all you need to know is where muscles attach. Once you know that it's pretty easy to understand which exercise or movement works a specific muscle.

The Basics FULL POST

Posted 8/16/11 at 6:33 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Medical Bias or Healthy by Him

It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine who said,

Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food

What do you think that meant? Don't you think he was saying that some foods have healing, therapeutic benefits to your health? Didn't it say in Genesis that all foods (fruits, veggies, seeds, beef, fish, etc.) was given to us and they were good?

If some foods can have positive healing effects on us, couldn't you also argue that some foods can also have a destructive negative effect on our health?

Do you think all the processing and refining of our food that takes away all the nutritional value of the food is very healthy?  What about all the soft drinks, snack foods and junk food on the you think they have positive, healing effects on the body? Or are they more destructive to our healthy?  Which do you eat more of?

I wonder if Hippocrates was still around today, heading up all the medical schools – if he would be saying the same thing? Do you think he would be emphasizing to all the medical students how powerful various foods, plants and herbs can be to our health. Would he be preaching on how some foods can have a negative impact on our overall health and how important it would be to educate the public about that fact alone? Would he be teaching that some foods, plants, and herbs have tremendous healing power – and that they don't subject the individual to any potential side effects? FULL POST

Posted 7/6/11 at 1:34 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Fiber Does Your Body Good

Fiber for Elimination and Detox

It has been estimated by those who practice natural, integrative medicine that 90 percent of all diseases begin in the colon. The reason for this is because the colon is the sewage system for the body. Scriptures doesn't talk specifically about fiber or constipation, but I can tell you that the diet Jesus ate, and what most people have been eating over the last few millenniums was loaded with fiber.

When you eat food, you should eliminate what was just eaten in approximately 24 hours. This is referred to as transit time, which is the amount of time it takes from when you swallow food to when you eliminate it out of your body. The average transit time for most Americans is approximately 50 to 60 hours.

Think about that for just a minute. When you become constipated you hold poisons inside your body. These toxins that are supposed to be eliminated in about 24 hours are hanging around, putrefying and rotting inside your body for an additional 20-30 hours. Those toxins are sipping into your blood stream, making your body more polluted and needlessly activating your immune system. FULL POST

Posted 5/23/11 at 12:19 PM | Dr. Len Lopez

Is Your Testosterone Turning into Estrogen?

If you are over 40 years of age there is a good chance that more of your testosterone is converting into estrogen then you would like. Yes, both men and women make testosterone. The good Lord didn't just make testosterone for men. It's the hormone needed for both men and women to add lean muscle, keep your energy up, weight down, motivate you to get out of bed and of course give your libido a lift.

The problem that happens for a lot of men and women is that too much of their testosterone is converting into estrogen. This not only causes loss of energy, weight gain, fatigue and difficulty adding lean muscle to your body, but it also leads to what is called 'estrogen dominance,' which make you more susceptible to a whole host of other problems including cancer.

For men the obvious sign of too much estrogen aside from the obvious listed above is added fatty tissue around the chest...the basic men-boobs. More adipose (fatty) tissue in your chest and waist, as opposed to packing it on in your back side.

There is a big push by drug manufacturers for men to have their testosterone checked to see if that's what is causing your erectile dysfunction, loss of stamina and libido. Unfortunately they are more interested in prescribing synthetic testosterone drugs, instead of the old fashion, inexpensive testosterone that doesn't have a patent on it. Nor are they interested in helping you figure out why your body isn't producing enough testosterone. Not only that – but when you take these synthetic testosterone drugs as replacements, your body will produce less on its own – so when you stop taking the drug you feel terrible and compelled to get another prescription. FULL POST

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