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Christian Yoga. Can it Really Be a Good Thing?

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I've recently read a few columns on Christian Post about Yoga, the most recent being Holy Yoga or Demonism? 

Ariel Rey, in the above mentioned column, indicates that "Yoga, according to Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, is a form of demonism. He said in a sermon last year, "It's absolute paganism. Yoga and meditation and easternism is all opening to demonism.""

Diriscoll aparently puts all 'yoga' into this camp - and I don't agree with him.

If you do a seach for Christian Yoga, you'll likely come across each of the following organizations: Outstretched, Praise Moves, Yahweh Yoga, Scripture Yoga, WholyFit and Be Strong Ministries. I'd submit that participation in any of these programs would be good for your health - both your physical and spiritual health.  I have communicted with at least three of the owners of these organizations. They consider their initiatives as much a ministry as a business. There intent is to help others care for their body, mind and spirit. Scripture is the basis for their short "Bible Studies" conducted at the end of the exercises sessions. Christ is at the center of what they do. Their intent is to glorify God with their programs.

The people who lead these exercise programs are using movements, poses and techniques that increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and focus the mind on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How can Driscoll be against this type of physical and spiritual activity?

In my opinion, Driscoll, and other Christ followers who disdain yoga perfomed from a Christian perspective, need to become aquainted with the content of those programs - maybe even participate in them - so that they can come to understand the heart and intent of those conducting the programs.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

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