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Jesus and Our War on Terrorism

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Attacks of terror - Nice, San Bernardino, Orlando, Bangladesh - be they by those who swear alligience to the Islamic State (ISIS) or by individuals who are mad at the world or suffer from a mental condition, are a symptom of individuals or groups of individuals who have deep needs of the heart that are unmet.

A reason they turn to aligning themselves with terrorist groups is to belong. To be accepted. To have a sense of purpose. Or, in their ealier life, they have likely expereinced a trauma to their spiritual heart... and have never been healed in a meaningful way. So they turn to causes or groups that will lift them up and give them a purpose. They turn to acts of vilence or terror.

Hurting people hurt people.

"For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander." Proverbs 15:19

One piece of strategy that is missing in our nation's war against terrorism and Isis is that of turning people toward a loving God, the God of the Bible. The God who can heal the deep wounds of a person's heart. THe God who loves and accepts people. The God who revels to us the purpose that we have in life.

Military action and political efforts might make a dent, but I submit that a larger dent would be made in terrorism if we strategically incorporated the message of God's love and healing to those who are fragile spiritully and emotionally. These are the people that will one day choose to align themselves with Isis or other groups that commit acts of terror. These are the individuals that will turn to acts of violance against innocent people because they are wounded in their heart. These are the peole that need to learn about and come to know a God and that loves them and heals them, from the inside out. They need Jesus in their hearts.

Leaders of our country, leaders of our Christian faith, I emplore you to consider what this might look like. Put some time and energy and resources into dialogue and then action.

The world needs Jesus and His love. This is what will make a difference against acts of violence and the war against terrorism!


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