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Healthy Resolutions for 2014 - A Biblical Perspective

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According to research, about 45% of us make New Year’s resolutions. reports from a recent Journal of Clinical Psychology article that Americans top 10 resolutions are as found in the listing below. Three of these are health-related.

Top 10 Resolutions of Americans

 Lose Weight
 Getting Organized
 Spend Less, Save More
 Enjoy Life to the Fullest
 Staying Fit and Healthy
 Learn Something Exciting
 Quit Smoking
 Help Others in Their Dreams
 Fall in Love
 Spend More Time with Family

The items on this list are admirable but I find it interesting that none of these seem to be motivated by or rooted in spiritual or biblical principles. Especially since we live in a country where 74% of the people are professing Christians and 56% say that religion is an important part of their life. (2013 Gallup poll on Religion)

In my quiet time this morning the following is what God’s Spirit revealed to me regarding resolutions in 2014.

Biblical Guidelines for Making Resolutions

The Creator of our bodies, minds and spirits wants each of us to turn to to him and his truths for guidance in setting any new resolutions. He wants us to resolve to live more deeply in love with him and in obedience to him and his will for our lives. How do we do this? Scripture gives us some overarching guidelines.

Just as John the Baptist urged the people of Israel to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, God wants us each to prepare the way for Jesus to work anew in our lives in 2014. (Luke 3:4-6) At the beginning of a new year, how do you do this?

You open your heart and ask God to reveal any ongoing sinful habits. Then you turn from them.

You ask God to help you surrender to him at a deeper level. You admit to him that you are dependent and reliant on him.

You ask God to show you what he wants you to do differently. You ask him if there are any specific goals he wants for you in 2014. Then, you ask him to guide you in a plan on how to accomplish them.

You ask him to help you understand what health-related behavior changes he wants you to make with the motivation for better caring for his temple. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

God wants you to acknowledge him in all your ways. Do you earnestly seek to know God and his truths found in the Bible more than you seek knowledge about what science says about healthy living? Before we go off and try to find ways about the best diet, weight loss, exercise, or stop smoking program or fad, God wants us to seek him. Period. We are first and foremost to have a reverential fear of God and of his ways, not the ways and customs of the world. (Proverbs 3:5-8)

The Bible promises that if we have this type of attitude and behavior that we will have health and that our bones will be nourished. (Proverbs 3:8)

This is what God showed me about what a biblical perspective on making resolutions should be.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

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