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Scientists Discover that 'Junk DNA' is Not Junk - God Knows That!

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Junk DNA Encode

Researchers have discovered yet a new revelation about the human genome: it’s full of active, functioning DNA, and it's a lot more complex than they ever thought.

A Time magazine article, Junk DNA - Not So Useless After All, provides some details of the recent discoveries and research.

Imagine that! Should we be surprised that the researchers are still surprised by these type of findings? The Bible tells us:

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

We humans are so complex, that scientists will never wrap their arms around all the details of our inner workings. That's what God revealed to the author of the Psalm.

In the Time article, Ewan Birney, ENCODE’s lead analysis coordinator from the European Bioinformatics Institute stated, “I am pretty sure this is the science for this century. We are going to work out how we make humans, starting from the simple instruction manual."

It appears that DNA that appeared to serve no functional purpose, in fact, contain about 400,000 regulators, known as enhancers, that help activate or silence genes, even though they sit far from the genes themselves. The researchers have discovered that these genetic changes are linked to more than 400 common diseases.

According to a related Wall Street Journal article, 'Junk DNA' Debunked, The National Institutes for Health has already spent over $185 million on this project which has involved more than 440 scientists.

Dr. Collins (NIH Director), I'd like to have 1/100th of that amount of money to conduct a research project that explores the relationship between the core principles of the Christian faith and one's physical health. Instead of treating and diagnosing chronic diseases, we should be preventing them by adopting and applying the lifestyle that our Creator has already given us guidelines for. A research study that addresses our Creator's principles for life seems like a no-brainer to me. Oh, but we can't do that can we? There's that separation of church and state policy.

God has provided us his "instruction manual" to live life by. I'm convinced that humans who embrace key beliefs, attitudes and practices found in the Holy Bible are healthier than those who do not.

Forgiveness of ourself and others, trust in God, renewing our mind with God's truth, embracing our worth and identity in Jesus, being dependent on God and living by the power of the Holy Spirit, and being motivated to care for one's body as a temple of God are but a few key underpinnings of the Christian faith that, if lived out, will impact on one's physical health. My belief is that, in general, people who are in a thriving, personal, obedient and loving relationship with the God of the Bible will experience better physical and emotional health than those who do not embrace such a relationship.

The complexity of the interaction between our marvelously designed endocrine, nervous, circulatory, immune and digestive systems combined with a person's belief system will never be totally understood by scientists. However, the Bible provides pretty clear "instructions" on how the Creator of our bodies urges us to live.

If we put more time and money and energy.... and faith into applying what God has already told us, our country would be a lot healthier.

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