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Weight Loss and The Holy Spirit

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This week, Jane Brody, a health columnist at the New York Times, wrote an article about obesity - Many Fronts in Fighting Obesity. She addressed many issues that in fact play a role in one's ability to win the battle with weight loss:

  • Caloric consumption
  • Portion control
  • The use of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Eating home-cooked meals less frequently
  • A misunderstanding of fat, sugar and caloric content of foods
  • Evolution's impact on caloric consumption
  • The impact of one's willpower on weight loss

Concerning the last bullet, Brody writes the following:

Willpower rarely helps people who struggle with their weight. With constant temptations to eat more, and especially more high-calorie foods, our society must change.

Her comment about willpower in regards to weight loss is what prompted me to write this post. I agree with her comment about willpower. Our society must change if we are going to beat the obesity epidemic. But, the changes we need to make to help with weight loss should not be in our own strength.

More people in our society could benefit from turning to our Creator, God, for the help they need in their challenge with eating and physical activity issues as it regards weight loss.

If you're very overweight and have been unsuccessful in losing weight and keeping it off, have you been attempting to win this weight loss battle battle in your own strength and with your own 'willpower"? God designed you - he wired you - to need him and to be surrendered on and dependent upon himself. This is one of the biblical principles we teach in the PathWay 2 Wholeness Bible Study in regards to making behavior and lifestyle changes.

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

So, if you've been fighting an obesity and weight loss battle in your own willpower, I encourage you to be surrendered more deeply to God. Be dependent on him at a greater level. Humble yourself more completely. Then, trust that God will help you by the power of his Holy Spirit who lives in you.

Have a great day!

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