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Whole Person Health Bible Study and Discipleship Initiative

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Does your church recognize the importance of helping members of its congregation attend to their personal health? Healthy people are better able to serve in God's Kingdom than are sick and diseased people.

The Faith and Health Connection Ministry, a registered nonprofit organization, has set early 2013 course dates for their Faith and Health Ambassador Course. These courses are live trainings that meet in online webinars over 11 weeks.

At course completion, Faith and Health Ambassadors are equipped to lead a 10-week PathWay 2 Wholeness Bible Study in their churches and communities. This Bible Study about health is a discipleship initiative that has a wellness framework which is in turn has its foundation on God's two great commandments. It addresses spirit, mind, body health from a biblical perspective, with a clear focus on spiritual health.

Upcoming Course Dates for the Faith and Health Ambassador Course

Thursdays, January 17 – April 4, 7 – 9 PM EST

Wednesdays, January 23 – April 3, 12 – 2 PM EST

Tuesdays, April 16 – June 25, 7 – 9 PM EST

Wednesdays, April 17 – June 26, 2 – 4 PM EST

What past graduates are saying about the Faith and Health Ambassador Course

“I was expecting to learn about the link between faith and health… I wasn’t expecting to become a changed person!”

“Dale Fletcher (Course Director) is a faithful man of God, and it was my privilege and honor to have him lead me to the feet of the Master Teacher over and over throughout the course. I wholeheartedly recommend the Faith and Health Ambassador course.”

For Pastors and Church Leaders

Pastors and church leaders who would like to learn more about this initiative are encouraged to contact Dale Fletcher, ministry founder, through their Faith and Health Connection Ministry website.

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