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3 Self-Improvement Tips to Achieve a New You in 6 Months

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It takes time and dedication to reach life-changing goals. Or at least this is what we are told. While staying dedicated to achieving your goals goes without saying, time is subjective and it relies on the approach you take to living your ideal life. The common self-improvement goals shared by most people are these: to look good, and feel good. There are a lot of approaches out there that can give people these results in a year’s time. However, by doing some research and finding alternative methods to achieving these goals, you can cut that time in half and get noticeable results (and even hit your goal completely) in as little as six months.

1. Body Contouring Gives that Sculpted Look We All Want

If you came off rapid weight loss and have saggy skin, or you want a sculpted look without undergoing plastic surgery or spending years in the gym, body contouring is a safe, effective alternative. Popular today and predicted to dominate 2018 is non-surgical body contouring with UltraShape Power or VelaShape III; procedures dominating skin care and med spas in New York City and other fashionable large cities. UltraShape Power is the only FDA-approved non-surgical body contouring treatment. It uses ultrasound technology to destroy fat without damaging tissue, nerves and blood vessels. VelaShape III is another body contouring option for patients who prefer RF and IR energies that hone in on deep tissue designed to sculpt slim profiles. Many people start with UltraShape Power to destroy fat and then follow up with VelaShape III treatments on the neck, face, and arms to sharpen the sculpted look. Individual results vary, though most report noticeable differences they love in as little as six months.

2. Work With a Skilled Life Coach

If your goal is to truly understand what you want in life, or to be a better parent, or even to map out a path to achieving your career goals, life coaching is an ideal way to get huge results in as little as six months. The trick to finding a great coach is to look for one that specializes in your area of need and to find one you connect with right off the bat. You should also never limit your search within your own city, as life coaches offer sessions over the phone and via Skype. You can find a life coach in Los Angeles who is perfect for helping you with parenting, or who specializes in working with women, and have a highly successful experience even if you live in Manhattan. As long as you don’t have special needs that would require a psychiatrist, life coaches are skilled, caring individuals gifted at helping others live lives they will love.

3. Work with a Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to look better in as little as six months. Besides, there are many ways how personal training can improve your life outside from getting a great body. If you are coming off an injury or you wish to improve your social skills, working with a personal trainer can help you achieve these goals too! But as for getting an ideal look in six month’s time be sure to find a personal trainer who has a portfolio of clients proving that his programs work in your desired time frame. Truly knowledgeable personal trainers customize body goal plans for each individual client based on their age, general health condition, history of injuries, and specific wishes for their new look.

Why Not Score a Hat Trick and Use All Three?

To truly reach the pinnacle of self-improvement, why not start life coaching sessions while getting body contouring treatment on your lunch break, and then see a personal trainer after work? Utilizing all three of these life-changing services could turn a hat trick milestone in your life garnering the ability for you to look and feel like you are on top of the world in no time!

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