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Buy or Rent? The Best Option for Skis and Snowboards

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Skiing is one of the preferred winter pastimes in the country and in other areas of the world, and you may be planning a fun-filled ski trip in the near future. Whether you are planning your first ski trip or you are an avid skier, the age-old question remains. Should you rent your skis or buy them?

There is not a catch-all answer that is right for everyone, but there are specific instances when renting skis is a preferred option. If you are planning your next ski trip soon, you may think about these points when determining whether it is better for you to rent or to buy skis and other related equipment for your trip.

When You Are New to Skiing

If you are new to skiing and are not familiar with different types of equipment, quality of equipment or even how to use it, renting your skis is a better option. In fact, you may want to rent your skis for your first several trips so that you can learn more about different styles, features and fits you like and do not like.

It can be expensive to invest in new equipment on a regular basis, and you want to ensure that you make a thoughtful and informed decision about your equipment. When you rent equipment first, you may be able to make a smarter buying decision if you do decide to eventually make a purchase.

When You Live Far Away

Another reason why you may consider renting skis rather than buying them is if you live far away from the slopes. Packing them into a car with all of your other gear for the holiday can create a cramped experience for you and other passengers in the car.

You also risk damaging them if you tote them around on the top of the car. You may even be so far away from the slopes that you want to fly, but toting skis through an airport is often not a preferred option.

When You Do Not Ski Often

If you only ski once in a blue moon, it may be better for you to rent your skis. You do not want to find storage space in your garage or basement for your skis when you only pull them out once every year or even less frequently.

You also do not want to invest in new skis only to store them away for a year or two until your next trip. They may be out of style or new innovations and features may now be available in new models. This means that you may want to upgrade before you get your money's worth out of the new skis that you have purchased and rarely used.

When You Want Access to the Best Gear

Another reason why you may prefer to rent skis rather than to buy them is when you want access to top notch gear at all times. The gear that you will find in ski rental shop at top resorts is often replaced every year or two, and this means that it is usually top-notch equipment that has all of the innovations and refinements that you are looking for.

This can enhance your time on the slopes and help you to have a truly amazing experience. When you buy your skis, you are locked into using your skis if you want to get the most out of your investment.

When Your Needs Change

You may not want to think about your needs for ski equipment changing, but they can and do change from time to time. This may be because of a change in your body weight or physical health. It may be because you have changed the type of skiing that you want to do, or it may be for any number of other reasons.

If you own your own skis, you will have to either rent or buy new skis when your needs change. It can be impossible to determine now if your needs will change in the near future. You do not want to get only a year's worth of use out of skis that you have purchased.

While there are benefits associated with buying skis, especially if you are an avid skier who lives close to the slopes, there are benefits for many people to rent skis rather than to buy their gear. Take time to focus your attention on each of these points, and you may find that it is a preferred option for you to rent versus buy. Then, you simply need to show up at the ski resort and head to the pro shop on the first day to get outfitted for all of your gear for the entire trip.

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