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8 Things Big and Small That Powers US Military

Mon, Nov. 28, 2016 Posted: 05:39 PM

Without any doubt, the United States military is an important component of what makes the nation a true superpower. Whether it's an advanced missile defense system, a futuristic navy destroyer, or smaller, lesser-known military supplies such as individual weapons or even power supplies such as transformers, it takes a combination of all this and much more to keep the military operating smoothly and efficiently. If you've wondered how all these items come together to keep the United States ahead of China, Russia, and other nations looking to expand their military capabilities, read on to discover the important roles items big and small play in powering our military.

The Stealth Destroyer

When it comes to sophisticated warships, no nation on Earth has anything that can begin to compare with the USS Zumwalt. The largest destroyer ever to sail the world's waterways, the Zumwalt uses numerous heavy duty power supplies to operate its sophisticated technology. Designed to be a stealth fighter on water, the Zumwalt uses unique angles to deflect enemy radar and possesses advanced sonar and guided missiles, making it a destroyer possessing the perfect combination of past, present, and future technology. Surprisingly, despite its large size and sophisticated technology, the Zumwalt requires a crew of only about 150, which is half of a typical destroyer.

Military Power Supplies

No matter the mission of the U.S. military, it cannot be done successfully without using the proper military power supplies. Some of the most important supplies used are QPL transformers, which are used in almost all airborne, missile, and space applications. Able to withstand extreme heat, vibrations, shock, and high altitudes, QPL transformers are considered the military's most essential heavy duty power supplies.

Ford-Class Aircraft Carriers

If there is anything that signifies American military domination, it's the aircraft carrier. Larger that several football fields, they are essentially floating cities capable of producing extraordinary force if needed. Ford-Class aircraft carriers, having recently joined the fleet, are prime examples of how dominant American military technology is compared to the rest of the world. Carrying nuclear reactors and electromagnetic catapult systems, they can be used in missions involving land attack, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare, air battles, and more. Carrying as many as 52 F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets, these ships keep the rest of the world in awe of the U.S. military.

M-4 Carbine Assault Rifle

Used by the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Operations Units, the M-4 is ideal for close quarters fighting where excellent marksmanship is needed most. Weighing only five pounds, it's popular for its durability and versatility, since it can be customized to accommodate a variety of accessories including flashlights, grenade launchers, and shotguns.

F-22 Raptor

The only fifth-generation fighter jet in the world today, the F-22 Raptor can quickly dominate any battlefield to which it is sent. Feared by other superpowers such as China due to its ability to seek out and destroy support aircraft such as refueling planes, it can cripple any opponent's ability to mount a challenge. Along with its fighting capabilities, it also has advanced sensors that can collect enemy data from radio and radar emissions, making it an effective intelligence-gathering plane as well.

Hand Grenades

A symbol of the U.S. military for decades, today's hand grenades may still be small, but they pack perhaps a bigger punch than ever before. Essentially small handheld bombs, they weigh a mere 14 ounces, yet can be thrown an average of 50 yards by a soldier. Although usually associated with being thrown, they are also effective in being used to booby-trap an area where enemy soldiers are present.

 Night-Vision Goggles

Since war is not fought strictly from 9-5, soldiers use night-vision goggles to take the fight to the enemy under the cover of darkness. Electro-optical devices that amplify existing light, they let soldiers see an amplified electronic image, which allows them to conduct operations without needing any light from the moon or stars. Commonly used by Special Operations soldiers and other elite units, this piece of equipment is vital to powering the military to numerous successful missions.

Virginia-Class Submarines

If there is one thing the enemy fears in war, it's being attacked by a submarine. The Virginia-Class submarines, currently the most sophisticated in the world today, are nuclear subs that regularly transport U.S.Navy SEALs and other Special Forces soldiers. Equipped with four torpedo tubes and 12 vertical-launch silos for Tomahawk cruise missiles, these subs can not only attack enemy ships and submarines, but also land-based targets located many miles inland. Used more and more in intelligence operations, Virginia-Class submarines have an unlimited range and are virtually unbeatable in one-on-one undersea duels. Whether launching a cruise missile attack, supporting special operations, or gathering intelligence, these submarines demonstrate each and every day why the U.S. military continues to dominate the world landscape.

Robin Williams