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How a Lethal Drug Overdose Put a Father’s Parenting Skills in Question

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In today’s world, drug use and abuse is one of the biggest problems in the United States. According to the CDC, between 2002-2013 the use of heroin increased over 63 percent, and as recently as 2013 8,200 people died from heroin-related overdoses. Unfortunately, this problem only appears to be getting worse, with little end in sight. Needless to say, when an overdose occurs it is difficult for friends and loved ones to accept what has happened. This is especially true with families of overdose victims, who may find themselves struggling with how to cope with the tragedy, particularly when children are involved. For one father whose wife recently died from an overdose, he took the unusual step of using social media to inform his eight year-old son of what happened. With a goal of helping parents see the suffering loved ones endure when an addict fails to get help, the results were mixed. While some people viewed his actions as exploiting his child’s grief, others thanked him for his efforts by sending thousands of letters of support, stating his decision gave them the courage to seek help. While his parenting skills have been called into question, it has resulted in an important discussion surfacing. Is it better to shield a child from public view during difficult times, or is it better for a parent to take a stand in order to prevent future tragedies?

Kids and Trauma

Just like adults, kids handle traumatic situations in different ways. While some may want to talk about what happened, others may choose to say little and keep their thoughts to themselves. Because these situations are usually filled with confusion on all fronts, offering love and support to children is crucial to guiding them through difficult times. In the case of a drug overdose, children may sometimes be exposed to negative comments and opinions from a variety of sources, including social media. However, they may also find themselves being comforted in ways they never thought possible. While many child psychology experts agree honesty is the best policy when dealing with difficult situations, it’s also important to note that each parent must take into account whether or not they believe their child can adequately handle the consequences of a traumatic event, such as the death of a parent. While in this case the father’s decision drew both praise and criticism, it left little doubt of his commitment to seeing that other children not suffer the same loss as his child.

Get Help Before it is Too Late Through Rapid Detox

Get Help Before it is Too Late Through Rapid Detox

While heroin is perhaps the hardest drug for addicts to leave in the rear-view mirror, the good news is that numerous options for help are available. When it comes to heroin withdrawal, the two most common are traditional treatment centers and medical centers that specialize in heroin detox. Because heroin withdrawal involves such symptoms as moodiness, restlessness, stomach cramps, fever, severe diarrhea, and increases in heart rate and blood pressure, addicts can find themselves experiencing physical and mental problems unlike any they ever thought possible. Since traditional treatment centers focus primarily on counseling and related aspects, there is always the possibility of deep physical and emotional scars remaining. Rather than expose themselves to these difficulties, many addicts today are turning to the best rapid detox medical centers dedicated to limiting withdrawal symptoms by using licensed doctors and other healthcare professionals.

A Breakthrough in Heroin Detox

Using anesthesia to treat people going through rapid detox, the Waismann Method Medical Group is seen by numerous drug detox experts as a more humane, gentle way for addicts to detox, offering them better success rates and far less scarring from an emotional and physical standpoint. In use since the late 1990’s, this method involves using antagonist drugs to shorten the duration of withdrawal symptoms, all the while keeping patients under anesthesia to limit discomfort. As a result, the detoxification process blocks receptors and leads to minimal suffering and a significant reduction in physical cravings. Requiring a hospital stay of up to three days, the patient is kept in the Intensive Care Unit and closely monitored by doctors, nurses, and other members of a highly specialized treatment team during the 30-90 minute procedure, ensuring their care is of the utmost importance. Having been successful with addicts ranging in age from their teens up to those in their 70’s, this detoxification method continues to gain interest from more and more people.

Making the Right Decision

Making the Right Decision

While it may or may not be appropriate for a father to inform his child of his mother’s OD death on social media, there is no doubt it had a major impact in many ways. In fact, various organizations and companies stepped forward and donated goods, services, and cash to help ger the father, his son, and his son’s legal guardian back on track, Whatever side you come down on, everyone can agree that when it comes to drug addiction, making the right decision is a step that each individual should carefully consider.

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