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5 Reasons to Banish “Mom Guilt” For Good

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While having a baby is one of the most rewarding event any couple can experience, there is more pressure than ever on working women to be super-moms. We’ve been sold the idea that in order to raise a functional child, you have to follow a strict set of rules, including inflexible bedtimes, breastfeeding and absolutely no non-organic treats.

Although these ideas promote good parenting, no child-rearing advice is set in stone, and mothers (and fathers) often end up feeling guilty for straying even slightly from these guidelines. The problem is, “Mom Guilt” isn’t healthy or helpful. In fact, it’s far worse for your little one than an occasional late bedtime or sweet treat.

Next time you feel a wave of Mom Guilt (Or Dad Guilt) coming on, remember this:

1. Breast isn’t always best

We’re constantly told that breast is best and bombarded with studies that back this up. However, many of these advocates don’t take into consideration that not all women can breastfeed. If you’ve had breast augmentation or your baby simply can’t latch on, this does not make you a bad Mom.

If you’re having difficulty breastfeeding but want to persist, there are plenty of options out there, including using a breast pump to express your own milk instead of relying on formula. Look into local services, as many hospitals have trained professionals to help you work through any difficulties, including specialist breastfeeding helplines.

2. You don’t need to make everything from scratch

There’s also mounting pressure for parents to avoid processed baby foods. However, no one should have to be blending and pureeing their own baby food after an eight-hour day at work — that's also taking away from time you could be spending with your baby. While it is better to make meals at home and avoid processed, there’s nothing wrong with buying some meals occasionally so long as you do some research on baby food to find out which kinds are best for your child. Always carefully read product labels to ensure you’re feeding your little one something nutritious.

3. Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish

If a new mother has the time to get her hair done, read a book or go out for lunch with friends, there’s a common misconception that she’s being selfish. The truth is, you’re not obligated to spend every waking minute with your child for the next 18 years. Letting your parents, spouse or a babysitter watch your baby for a few hours so you can relax and recuperate is not selfish. If you’re rested and relaxed, you are much more capable of being an attentive mother. You owe it to yourself and your child to make time for yourself.

4. No parent is perfect

Parents on Instagram and celebs being interviewed about their kids always look so serene. The reality is, as you know, caring for a child (or three!) isn’t always a walk in the park. You’re not always going to be the rational, calm and collection person you know you are inside. Sometimes you’re going to yell or lose patience, and that’s okay. Parenthood is all about learning. Anyone who tells you that motherhood is all rainbows and lollipops is lying (or has hired help)! Learn from your mistakes and move on.

5. If you’re reading this, you care

The most important reason to banish your Mom Guilt is because you are striving to be a great mom. How do we know this? Because you’re reading this article. You’re actively looking for ways to become a more intuitive parent and that alone makes your child lucky to have you.

Next time Mom Guilt rears its ugly head, remember these five ways to stop Mom Guilt in its tracks and give your little one a squeeze. You are the best mother your child could ever wish for.

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