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David, the wasp and the spider

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David, before he was a king, was sitting in his garden and he saw the wasp eating the spider. He asked The Lord: why did you create those two creatures? The wasp is taking the honey all the time and she isn't helping to create it; the spider is dealing with his cobwebs all the year, but there are no clothes that are created from him. Isn't your creation is in vain?

The Lord answered to David: do you despise to my creations? One day will come and you will be saved by them. No for nothing I have made them....
And the days passed and David ran away from Saul the king and he hides himself in the cave. God appointed for him a spider that closed the cave with his cobwebs. Saul passed there and thought to himself: maybe David is here, let's take a look there. His servants said to him: can't you see that this cave is closed? If someone came to this cave there wouldn't be cobwebs there that are complete; this cave is empty!

David was saved and when he went out from the cave he blessed The Lord who created the spider and also blessed the spider as well.
After a while David went and saw King Saul and his servants sleeping in the desert he went under the legs of Avner the best warrior of Saul and he stole the spear of Saul. When he came back the legs of Avner were closed and David couldn't go out; only after the wasp bite Avner's leg he could go out and he was saved one more time...

Then he realized that no creature is for nothing from God's acts!

 Main phrases of the post + transcription + translation

Hebrew   Transcription  Translation
חֲנִית        hănît             Spear
שָׁלֵם         šālēm          Complete
נִבְרָא          Nibrā'          Created
לַשָּׁוְא          Lašāw'         In vain
קוּר             qûr             Cobweb
עַכָּבִישׁ        'akkābîš        Spider
צִרְעָה        Tsir'āh           Wasp


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