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Posted 6/3/14 at 9:25 AM | CP Blogs

Soul Surfer, Husband Take on The Amazing Race Together


(This article was originally posted in The Book Room - The Christian Post's new section for book enthusiasts and authors.)

A sneak peek into The Amazing Race’s Season 25 cast revealed two familiar names –Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks. Hamilton, a professional surfer and author whose story of surviving a shark attack was the subject of a hit 2011 movie, confirmed the news on Twitter.


Posted 3/5/14 at 12:47 PM | CP Blogs

Actress, Author Candace Cameron-Bure Adds ABC Dance Competition DWTS to Her Balancing Act

Photo: © Glenn Francis, PacificProDigital.com

(This article comes from The Book Room - The Christian Post's new section for books and authors.)

Candace Cameron-Bure's titles include mom, wife, actress, producer, speaker, autho and now Dancing with the Stars competitor. ABC announced Tuesday Bure will compete in Dancing with the Stars Season 18.

The Balancing It All author and Full House actress is part of the show’s 2014 epic cast along with fellow TV stars NeNe Leakes, Drew Carey, and Danica McKellar. McKellar is also a sitcom star; she played Winnie Cooper in the sitcom The Wonder Years and later Elsie Snuffin on the political drama The West Wing. FULL POST

Posted 1/29/14 at 4:35 PM | CP Blogs

Left Behind Movie Release Date: June 20, 2014

The new movie release of Left Behind has been scheduled for June 20th, according to the Left Behind Facebook page. The movie was shot last year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The cast include Nicholas Cage, Jordin Sparks, Chad Michael Murray, Lea Thompson and Nicky Whelan.

It is rare for a Christian movie to receive a wide theatrical release during the summer or Christmas holidays. Instead most Christian films are released around February or September.

Since the new Left Behind is a summer release, it will probably draw a significantly larger teen audience than recent Christian film releases. Expect a lot of youth groups to attend this movie.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the new Left Behind cost $15 million while the original Left Behind film released in 2000 cost $4 million. However, these numbers may not be accurate. Other Christian filmmakers have complained about incorrect budget estimates published for their films.

IMDB also reports that the original Left Behind grossed $4,223,409 in American theaters. In an unusual distribution and marketing effort, the original movie was first released on videotape before going to theaters. FULL POST

Posted 12/16/13 at 3:00 PM | CP Blogs

Peter O'Toole Described Himself as "Retired Christian"

Actor Peter O'Toole died Saturday at 81 years of age.

O'Toole loved the beauty of language found in the King James Version of the Bible and described this love in a TV interview with Charlie Rose. O'Toole also described himself as "a retired Christian" when asked if he was a believer.

Peter O'Toole interview

During his acting career O'Toole portrayed Bible characters in at least two different movies:

  • The prophet Samuel in the movie One Night With the King
  • The Three Angels in the movie The Bible: In the Beginning ...

O'Toole was scheduled to play the role of Symeon in the movie Mary which was to be released in 2014 but his name was removed today from the cast listing on the Internet Movie Database.


Posted 11/6/13 at 11:04 AM | CP Blogs

TLC Singer Denounces Claims Her Son is Gay as CyberBullying

(Photo: www.vh1press.com)
VH-1 Biopic Logo

TLC Singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas launched an online cyberbullying petition after the gossip site MediaTakeOut.com published a number of stories suggesting her 16-year-old son Tron Austin is gay.

Thomas wrote "Recently my son was targeted negatively by popular gossip site MediaTakeOut.com. I can’t describe the anger I felt at my son being ridiculed continuously by MediaTakeOut.com for no other reason than the fact that he’s my son."

Thomas is one part of 90s R&B trio TLC. The group won several awards including five GRAMMY Awards and five MTV Music Awards. VH-1 recently aired a biopic the behind-the-scenes story of the musical group.

She continues "Adults have the mental capacity to deal and prioritize. Most importantly my son had no choice in who his mother was just like many other celebrity kids do not. It isn’t fair that our children have to deal with cyber bullying because of the career choice of their parents."

MediaTakeOut.com reportedly questioned Tron's clothes and suggested that may be sign that he is a homosexual.

Here is the full petition

Most of you know me as a member of the group TLC, but everyone who knows me personally knows being a MOM is my number one priority. The health and safety of my son means more to me that any accomplishment or achievement I've received being an entertainer. Recently my son was targeted negatively by popular gossip site MediaTakeOut.com. I can't describe the anger I felt at my son being ridiculed continuously by MediaTakeOut.com for no other reason than the fact that he's my son. MediaTakeOut.com has posted numerous false stories about me, and other celebrity friends of mine and while I don't like it, I realize that is a part of what comes with celebrity. However when my 16-year-old son is being attacked, that is when I take off the celebrity hat and become the protective Mother that I am, and I know many of you are. FULL POST

Posted 10/25/13 at 5:17 PM | CP Blogs

Out of the Broom Closet: Witch Joins Cast of Real Housewives

Photo: Flickr/Dan4th Nicholas - Creative Commons
The pentagram is a symbol often associated with the occult.

Former actress and interior designer Carlton Gebbia has joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In a promotional trailer for the 4th season Gebbia says, "I'm a witch."

Gebbia told The Daily Beast, "Well, there’s a lot of debate about what I supposedly practice, because Wicca and other religions are covered under the umbrella of Paganism. I’m Celtic, which is my ancestry. And I practice witchcraft. My grandmother was a Pagan."

Some of Hollywood's most popular actresses have portrayed witches: Sandra Bullock, Melissa Joan Hart and Mila Kunis to name a few.

Actresses and singers are less likely to confirm involvement in wicca, paganism or satanism. Instead rumors abound. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/13 at 1:32 PM | CP Blogs

TLC Biopic CrazySexyCool Takes On Sex, Sexual Appearance and Abortion

(Photo: www.vh1press.com)
VH-1 Biopic Logo

Viewers of VH-1’s TLC biopic CrazySexyCool will see how premarital sex and abortion devastated Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas’ life.

Sneak peeks of the anticipated TV film show Chilli, as played by Keke Palmer, falling for music producer Dallas Austin. Though Chilli is head-over-heels for Austin, she was one of his many love interests. The biopic shows how devastated Chilli was when she learned another woman was having Austin’s child. “I’m the one that’s supposed to be having the baby,” she howled.

In fact, Thomas told VH-1 in her reality show Chilli Wants More that she was pregnant with Austin’s baby but got an abortion. She said of the abortion “It messed me up. It broke me up. It broke my spirit. I feel like I became not my strong self anymore.” She continued, “I feel like I gave in and broke to what someone else wanted. I would break down and just cry because I wasn’t a mommy. I cried almost every day for almost nine year.” FULL POST

Posted 10/11/13 at 8:39 AM | CP Blogs

Mourning With Those Who Mourn Glee Actor Cory Monteith

Photo: Flickr/vagueonthehow - Creative Commons
Glee cast member Cory Monteith at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.

The tears were real as Glee cast members paid tribute to Cory Monteith. The late actor played Finn Hudson star quarterback-turned-glee club member on the show. However both the character and the talented performer were cut short when Monteith died age 31.

In the show called "The Quarterback," Hudson's death was unexplained. In real life, Monteith's death was due to a fatal mix of heroin and alcohol. Never the less everyone could see that emotion on the show was real.

Show creator told the Chicago Tribune that many of the performances were done in one take because the crew quickly became too overwhelmed to continue filming. “It was very hard, and I struggled even working on it, because you’re seeing what they felt about not just Finn, but Cory,” he said.

Of course Finn's glee club friends sing away their sorrows with renditions of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” and “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. Still, castmate Matthew Morrison's sobs and real-life girlfriend Lea Michele heart-wrenching performance reminded the audience that the pain depicted in the episode is very real. FULL POST

Posted 10/10/13 at 1:26 PM | CP Blogs

Fred Hammond On Preachers of L.A.: They Didn't Like Jesus' Reality Show Either

Photo: Facebook/Preachers Of L.A.

Gospel singer Fred Hammond reminded those complaining about the premiere episode of Preachers of L.A. that people complained against Jesus' ministry too. Hammond told critics to consider for a moment that God may be using reality programming as an alternative method to reach the unchurched and unsaved in these last days.

Preachers of L.A., an reality show following six men, their families and their ministries, debuted on the Oxygen channel Wednesday night. After its airing, many criticized the show on Twitter for putting the spotlight on preachers with fancy cars, big homes and expensive clothes.

'90s R&B and gospel singer Stacy Lattisaw ‏tweeted "I'm sure Jesus is sitting on His throne shaking His head saying 'but I called you to be set apart'"

Twitter user Ariel Campbell wrote "My biggest issue with #preachersofla so far is that this may be the only introduction to Christ someone may have...and it isn't positive."

However Hammond took a different tone. In a 22-tweet response, he rebuked the criticism saying "The folks that's already saved and got they stuff together have no real need of POLA."

Here is the whole response published together:

I heard an interesting observation that's extremely true. Because Soooo many ppl are up in arms about this tv show. Great point @TWH_PhD I wonder how many ppl who watched #PreachersOfLA & displeased with it, will be watch'n [sic] & celebrating Scandal 2night [sic]? FULL POST

Posted 10/7/13 at 3:29 PM | CP Blogs

Chris Brown Interview: Porn Overshadowed His Church Upbringing

Although he grew up singing in church, infamous R&B crooner Chris Brown revealed to the The Guardian how divorce, domestic abuse and porn cut his innocence short.

In the interview, Brown recalled being a smart child who quickly picked up Micheal Jackson's dance moves and performed at talent shows and in the church choir. At age 7, his parents divorced and his mother remarried an abusive man. At age 8 Brown said he lost his virginity to a teenager. Embolden by the porn he and his male cousins watched, the singer said "By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I'm saying? Like, girls, we weren't afraid to talk to them; I wasn't afraid. So, at eight, being able to do it [have sex], it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it."

Brown's singing career began at age 15 when he signed a record contract with Jive Records. His first album produced four top 10 singles and went double platinum. However his personal life took a turn in 2009 when a 19-year-old Brown was arrested for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Since then Brown has struggled to change the public's preception. His temper tantrums, twitter feuds with the likes of Comedian Jenny Johnson and Miranda Lambert and scuffles with singer Frank Ocean have added to his infamy. FULL POST

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