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Actress Meagan Good Talks "Kingdom Love" for Valentine's Day

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Meagan Good & Devon Franklin attends Warner Music Group 2013 Grammy Celebration

 Actress Meagan Good and her husband Hollywood film executive DeVon Franklin celebrated Valentine's Day by recounting how the Lord brought them together in a church talk entitled Kingdom Love.

Good, a Christian, shared that God revealed that Franklin would be her husband nine months before they began their relationship.

"I had a lot of emotional baggage, and damage, and things that I went through," said Good. "So, I was praying about that and then I started praying about my husband and God told me flat out that DeVon was my husband."

Good knew Franklin through the film industry and had occasionally ran into him in as she auditioned for roles.

Yet the Deception star quietly waited for Franklin to notice her despite believing she had received a word from Lord. Franklin did eventually notice Good on the set of Bishop T. D. Jakes' film, Jumping the Broom.

"We started reconnecting as friends and talking about church, and talking about God and Christianity, and all these things. We started noticing that as friends we had a spiritual connection," Franklin explained.

The pair went on their first date two weeks after the Jumping the Broom premier.

Franklin said of God's involvement in their relationship, "It's fascinating because He gave her the revelation. All she had to do was position herself to Him and get her life together. He made it happen. She didn't call me. She didn't text me. She didn't try to get in the office to talk about something. She didn't try to make it happen. She just let God do it."

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