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Actress, Pastors and Pro-lifers Bear Witness to Gosnell Trial in lieu of the Media

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Screen shot of a Gosnell image being circulated on Twitter

Frustrated by major news outlets’ refusal to cover the criminal trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, pro-lifers have taken to Twitter to question the media and expose the murderous details from the case.

Gosnell, who was arrested and charged with murdering seven newborn babies and one abortion patient, has been on trial since mid-March. However bloggers like those of Pathoes’ Get Religion noted that mainstream media are not covering the court proceedings.

“So our abortion-drenched media would certainly want to cover what is arguably the country’s most horrific serial murder trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, right? Well, far from the front-page, top of the news, daily update coverage you rightfully would expect, it’s been downplayed. Majorly downplayed,” said a GetReligion blogger identified as Mollie.

Groups Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, Stand True and AbortionWik have organized a “Tweetfest” Friday noon to midnight to talk about the Kermit Gosnell trial and challenge the media. As of 2 p.m. EST the Gosnell hashtag has become a U.S. top trending topic.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" actress and public conservative Patricia Heaton playfully compared the trial's lack of media coverage to the explosion of coverage surrounding Manti Te'o’s girlfriend. She tweeted, “Media treats footballer’s imaginary girlfriend as real, treats murdered babies in Philly abortion clinic as imaginary.”

Pro-Life Twitter user Chandler Epp tweeted, “Had Kermit Gosnell kill dogs, [the media] would be giving it wall-to-wall coverage.”

Many tweeters are also directly challenging news outlets like the New York Times and Reuters about what is being called the “Gosnell Blackout.”

@Conor64 tweeted reasons why the trial should be covered: “ Why Gosnell’s Trial should be a front page story: Dead babies. Exploited women. Racism”

Others are letting their conclusions about purported bias be known. “Maybe Reuters is silent on #Gosnell bc they fear other truths [about] “safe legal & rare” abortion might come out,” Danielle Bean opined.

Former Congressman Allen West concluded “Gruesome story of Human rights abuse ignored by [mainstream media] because of facts of Gosnell trial didn’t fit liberal narrative.”

Christian leaders were not left out.

In fact many took to tweet to share some biblical perspective and plead for Gosnell’s soul.

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, tweeted “Kermit Gosnell story about severed spines and seared consciences. The gospel speaks to both, with a God of Justice and justification.”

Burk Parsons, co-pastor of Florida's Saint Andrew’s Chapel, spoke directly to Gosnell saying “Mr. Gosnell, we're righteously vexed by your murders, but we also love you and know that Jesus saves repentant murderers who trust Jesus.”

Gosnell is accused of murdering seven newborn babies and one abortion patient. He and his assistants reportedly severed the heads of the babies who Gosnell failed to terminate while they were still in the mother's womb by snipping their spinal cords with a pair of scissors. Gosnell's clinic was allowed to operate, targeting Phildelphia's poor and minority women, despite several complaints against it and its owner.

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