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Bobbi Kristina Says Mother Whitney Houston Kept Her Safe During Car Crash

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Asterio Tecson
Bobbie Kristina performs with her mother at Good Morning America.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of R&B crooner Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, credited her late mother for keeping her safe after she crashed into an embankment Wednesday.

According the MSN's Wonder, the 19-year-old was discovered unharmed after a passerby reported spotting a smashed-up car in a ditch.

Police believe Bobbi Kristina "lost control of her black Camaro while coming out of her apartment complex, clipping a curb and heading down an embankment." She reportedly hit several "small trees" before coming to a stop on a park trail. She was suffered no injuries.

She tweeted a thank you to her mom shortly after the crash. "My PersonalGuardian Angel... thankumom. miss&loveu... u'lleverkno. NotAScratch&ok ••• Wow, PraiseGod," she wrote.

Houston's death on Feb. 11 left her daughter heartbroken . Autopsy reports revealed that Houston drowned after ingesting several drugs including cocaine.

Close friend Bebe Winans told the Christian Post that Bobbi Kristina was the light of Houston's life. When asked what she would tell her daughter now, Winans said she would likely say "I miss you and I love you still."

Police ticketed Bobbi Kristina for accident. However they said do not believe it was caused by intoxication or drug use.

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