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Celebs Sound Off on the Pope

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Yesterday Pope Francis' appointment was greeted with cheers from thousands of adoring Catholics gathered at the Vatican. Hollywood's glitterati also weighed on the historical event, trading jokes and bards on Twitter according to MSN's Wonder Wall.

Self-proclaimed Catholic Mario Lopez reveled in the fact he and former Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio share the same name.

"'Mario!' That's a sign. Can't go wrong with a name like that... #Catholic," he tweeted.

MTV reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi also tweeted her ... um ... admiration for the new pope.

"Yay for Pope Bergoglio!! He's adorable," she shared.

Comedian and gay rights advocate Kathy Griffin hinted that she also thinks the pope is cute. She tweeted, "I haven't been paying that much attention to my old religion lately. Is this guy single?"

Andy Richter, co-host of the Conan O'Brian show, commented on the recent revelation that Pope Francis has only one lung.

"76 yrs old and only one lung? It's so obvious Francis is just a placeholder until Trebek's Jeopardy contract is up."

Other celebs used humor to touch on some of the Catholic Church's problem areas: its rumored relationship with the Mafia, declining membership in some countries and its continued resistance to ordaining women.

Actor David Arquette tweeted, "Don't call the new pope Francis - his name is Frank - If you call him Francis he's gonna kill you."

90210 Star Trevor Donovan joked "If the new #Pope sees his shadow there will be 2000 more years of Catholicism, if he doesn't Armageddon is imminent."

Parks and Rec's Rashida Jones also deadpanned, "Too late to throw my hat in the ring for Pope candidate? I look dope in white. Also, I'm Jewish & a woman & biracial &...wait...forget it."

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