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Chris Brown Identifies With Jesus Christ's Crucifixion

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Singer/Actor Chris Brown is no stranger to scandal. Since he was charged with felony assault for beating then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Brown has made headlines for breaking a window at the ABC Studio, engaging in profanity-laced feuds with comedian Jenny Johnson and country singer Miranda Lambert, and brawling with Rapper Drake and most recently singer Frank Ocean.

Brown has apparently been affected by all of the controversy. He addressed his Instagram followers Monday with the words "Painting the way I feel" and followed by this image:

Source: screen shot, US Weekly

 Though His name is not mentioned on the picture, the image is clearly a painting of Jesus Christ being crucified in the manner depicted in Luke 23:26-43. So what do you think? Is Chris Brown being crucified by the media? Has he gone too far?

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