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Church Comedy 'The Soul Man' To Go the Way of 'GCB'?

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Just months after conservative group American Family Association successfully pressured ABC to cancel "Good Christian Belles" (GCB), AFA group One Million Moms is waging a campaign against TV Land show "The Soul Man."

Photo: Flickr/Christy Innouvong
Cedric the Entertainer

The show starring comedian Cedric the Entertainer as Rev. Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine and actress Niecy Nash as his first lady Lollie Ballentine tells the story of a R&B artist who gave up his fame to become a preacher.

In other words, the show's story line follows the real life stories of musicians such as MC Hammer, Mase and DMX. Those real life stories have been a source of inspiration for some.

However OMM said "The Soul Man" is anything but inspirational.

""The Soul Man,' blasphemes the name of Jesus Christ and mocks pastors," stated a OMM press release. It continued, "The mockery is similar to 'Good Christian Belles,' also known as'GCB.'"

"The Soul Man" has aired 8 episodes already. In the episodes Rev. Boyce, his brother Fletcher "Stamps" Ballentine (played by Wesley Jonathan) and retired pastor father Barton Ballentine (played by John Beasley) occasionally use profanity. The reverend's wife frequently wears cleavage-bearing dresses even in church scenes.

"This program includes vulgarity and portrays Christians in a negative light. Each episode is full of sexual innuendos; too many to list here," stated the OMM.

Some of the sexual innuendos include an adulterous scene in Episode 5 when Rev. Boyce kisses his old flame during a marital counseling session. The old flame kisses Boyce's wife in the same episode.

In Episode 6 Rev. Boyce begins to question his calling and ends up singing his old single "Sex Wichoo" in a night club.

OMM said it has already convinced Mars, Inc., Red Lobster, Dairy Queen, Big Lots, Inc., and Geico to drop their ads from the show. The AFA-affliated group is also contacting IKEA, Allstate, PetMeds, Chobani, and Procter & Gamble to drop their ads from "The Soul Man"

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