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Comedian Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Reunion With Charitable Couple

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The saying goes you never know who you may be helping when you give. Viewers of the Steve Harvey show learned this lesson first hand last week when Harvey received a surprise call from an Orlando, Florida couple for his 56th birthday.

Harvey's birthday is Jan. 17.

Twenty-nine years ago Rich and Becky Liss helped a struggling 27-year-old carpet cleaner launch his stand-up comic career. Now nearly 30 years later Harvey, an accomplished comedian, author and radio and TV host, gave them a tearful thank you.

“I was 26 years old, struggling,” he explained between sobs. “I didn’t have nothing, and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland and they took me in and gave me my first contract with my little carpet cleaning company.

“When I became a comedian at 27, I didn’t have money to travel. They gave me an account at their travel agency. And man, I ran up a bill like $11,000 just trying to travel and make it. Them people right there, man, they helped me out.”

Harvey told the couple he has never forgotten their generousity and had been looking for them for years. Now that he has found them, Havey told the Liss family that he would fly them to his show.

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