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Creationism Opponent Bill Nye Joins Dancing with the Stars

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Photo: NASA/GSFC/Bill Hrybyk

Creationist opponent Bill Nye will take to the stage this fall to compete in Dancing with the Stars this fall. Nye and the 11 other members of DWTS' season 17 cast were revealed Wednesday on Good Morning America.

"The Science Guy" is excited for the opportunity. He tweeted "It’s time for this nerd to get dancin’. O yes, season 17 of #DWTS, here I come. #GMADancing"

Nye is well known for his '90s educational program on PBS. Bill Nye The Science Guy was a humourous children's show about insects, animals and science. He's also know for his public criticisms of creationism in a 2012 video blog entitled "Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children."

"I say to grown-ups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world where everything is completely inconsistent with the universe, that's fine. But don't make your kids do it, because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and tax payers for the future," Nye says in the clip.

He later said he did not mean to attack religion. "You can believe what you want religiously. Religion is one thing, but science, provable science is something else. My concern is you don't want people growing up not believing in radioactivity, not believing in geology and deep time," Nye said on CBS This Morning.

With the controversy now behind him, Bill Nye will be dancing with Tyne Stecklein on DWTS season 17. He told his Twitter followers, "I can already feel the burn."

Other notable DWTS celeb dancers including actress Leah Remini who recently announced her split with the Church of Scientology and Mary Tyler Moore Show co-star Valerie Harper. Harper was diagnosed with a rare and lethal form of brain cancer last year. Harper is taking on the dance show despite her diagnosis, no doubt inspiring millions.

Their fellow cast mates are High School Musical star Corbin Bleu, Saved by the Bell alum Elizabeth Berkley, actor Brian Daugherty, comedian Bill Engvall, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, singer Christina Milian, Jack Osboure, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Glee actress Amber Riley.

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