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Former Volleyball pro: I'm Submissive to My Husband

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Reece on the Today Show

Gabrielle Reece, a former volleyball pro and model, shocked many when she revealed in her new book My Foot is Too Big For the Glass Slipper that she chooses to play a submissive role in her marriage to pro surfer Laird Hamilton.

Though she is a fierce athlete in the gym, Reese wrote that at home, "To be truly feminine means being soft, receptive and -look out here it comes- submissive."

She willingly acknowledged on the Today Show that being submissive to her husband is about serving him. "I think the idea of living with a partner is how can I make their life better. So if he's the man and I'm the woman than yes, then that's the dynamic. I'm willing and I choose to serve my family and my husband."

She also asserted that submission is a kind of service that comes from a place of strength and not weakness.

In an interview at their Hawaii home, Reese and Hamilton revealed that they "ran into a wall" five years after the wedding as Reese tried to deal with her husband's "moodiness." Reese even filed for divorce from Hamilton. However they chose to work on their marriage rather than walk away and now Hamilton says they are blessed.

"It's a blessing for us that we've gone through a bunch of different things in our marriage," he shared.

Reese said she hopes the book will "not demystify the idea of having it all but have a realistic conversation about what is the 'all.'"

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