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Fred Hammond On Preachers of L.A.: They Didn't Like Jesus' Reality Show Either

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Photo: Facebook/Preachers Of L.A.

Gospel singer Fred Hammond reminded those complaining about the premiere episode of Preachers of L.A. that people complained against Jesus' ministry too. Hammond told critics to consider for a moment that God may be using reality programming as an alternative method to reach the unchurched and unsaved in these last days.

Preachers of L.A., an reality show following six men, their families and their ministries, debuted on the Oxygen channel Wednesday night. After its airing, many criticized the show on Twitter for putting the spotlight on preachers with fancy cars, big homes and expensive clothes.

'90s R&B and gospel singer Stacy Lattisaw ‏tweeted "I'm sure Jesus is sitting on His throne shaking His head saying 'but I called you to be set apart'"

Twitter user Ariel Campbell wrote "My biggest issue with #preachersofla so far is that this may be the only introduction to Christ someone may have...and it isn't positive."

However Hammond took a different tone. In a 22-tweet response, he rebuked the criticism saying "The folks that's already saved and got they stuff together have no real need of POLA."

Here is the whole response published together:

I heard an interesting observation that's extremely true. Because Soooo many ppl are up in arms about this tv show. Great point @TWH_PhD I wonder how many ppl who watched #PreachersOfLA & displeased with it, will be watch'n [sic] & celebrating Scandal 2night [sic]?

When I was in commissioned I almost gave up because I felt like my issues were to much. But a really great pastor took the time and care to be transparent & showed me his faults, struggles. I woulda never thought he had stuff. He didn't glory in it but his transparency brought Christ closer. For a minute his humanity stood in front of his divinity & I needed that. He said Fred if I can make it you can. From that point I felt the faith & courage to press on, went on to write the Spirit of David. And The project after that produced a song called "please don't pass me by." All BC he blessed me with an insight of his press.

Music has been my reality show. My songs came from real episodes in my life, like "running back to You". What if I was to ashamed to share? The game is stepping up family from audio to film. The folks that's already saved and got they stuff together have no real need of POLA. But these are the last days & GOD is going after some hard core lost souls. And He will use what ever method He chooses to get them.

When the religious community of Jesus's day saw His reality show they didn't like it. They wanted to find some reason to call him a fraud. In Mark 2:16 they saw him eating with low life sinners and questioned why would He do that? They weren't looking to help His ministry. In Mark 3:22 they ( the Church) called The Lord a devil. Um... Jesus's reality show was in real-time back then.

Jesus said crazy stuff they couldn't understand as they tried to trip him up and get His reality show cancelled. Like he who is without sin cast the first Stone. Why would He say that? Ohhh BC [sic] of a woman with an issue.

The church didn't like His crew. Like Jesus's episode called "Alabaster box." Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus to the crib for meal. The episode started out pretty good. Then this chick busts in the crib and went straight to Jesus feet crying on his feet and anointing his head with oil. Talk about drama ... Simon the Pharisee look [sic] and said I knew it wasn't nothing to this dudes [sic] show. Look what kind of woman He hangs with. Then the episode when Jesus said He was the son of God. The church/Pharisees and scribes said He is no messiah, his show must be canceled. Don't forget the episode when he said something real crazy! John 6:56 Whoever eats my flesh & drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them. Then a whole lot of his crew got up and changed His channel with the quickness. Lol. Not watch'n [sic] this mess.

Yep Jesus did everything wrong in the eyes of the Pharisees back then. So they canceled His series. At least they thought they did.

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