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Gospel Groups Perform in Austin for SXSW

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the Gospe + Soul Showcase

Tonight multiple gospel concerts are scheduled in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW), the famous regional music, arts and technology conference.

Chris Spivey & Nu Destiny, Natori Blue, Jonathan McReynolds and Anita Wilson are performing a free concert at Central Presbyterian Church as part of the official Gospel + Soul Showcase.

The Holy Ghost Party! is being held tonight at the Carver Museum Boyd Vance Theater featuring the gospel groups Aservant, Gospel Stars, Jones Family Singers and Stapletones,

The Jones Family Singers are from Texas and shouldn't be confused with the gospel group Forever Jones, the gospel group we recently reported is performing in a reality TV series. However, the Jones Family Singers have performed on television on the Dr. Bobby Jones Show.

Obviously Jones is a popular name for gospel performers.

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