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Jonas Bro. Kevin Jonas Reveals Baby's Gender

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Jonas Brothers singer Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle are expecting a baby girl! The pair announced the good news via a special live video Thursday.

Photo: Vale jonas demi - Creative Commons
Danielle and Kevin Jonas

Sitting next to his wife of nearly 5 years, Kevin Jonas shared with fans "We're having a baby. Exciting times for the Jonas household. It's not another puppy, it's a baby. Things are good." The couple then announced the news by opening a box and releasing pink helium balloons into the air. They then shouted, "We're having a girl."

Kevin and Danielle Jonas held a poll before the live announcement. While Danielle Jonas said that most of the gifts sent to her have been for a baby boy, 62 percent of the 8,700 people who took the poll predicted that the baby would be a girl.

Kevin Jonas said He is "excited to a father of a little girl." Danielle Jonas, who later posted a picture of the sonogram with a pink bow drawn on it, said it was all a bit "scary" but that she is "ready."

Kevin Jonas and brothers Nick and Joe were born to Denise and Kevin Jonas Sr. Their father was previously an instructor for Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas and an Assembly of God minister in New Jersey. He also taught wrote and recorded Christian music, according to a 2008 People Magazine article.

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