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Justin Bieber Shout Outs Christian Post on Twitter

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Apparently Candian pop sensation Justin Bieber loves it when the Christian Post talks about him.

Yesterday CP published an article entitled, "Justin Bieber's a 'Spectacular Young Man,' Says Pastor Judah Smith." The singer loved the headline so much he decided to share it with his Twitter friends -- all 35,080,749 of them. The move prompted a flurry of retweets from fans.

Beiber is the most followered person on Twitter according to website Twitaholic. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are ranked the second and third most followed users respectively.

Smith, the pastor of The City Church in Seattle, has a close relationship with the Bieber family and mentors the singer when he is on tour.

A self-proclaimed Christian, Bieber recently praised the pastor for his newly released book Jesus Is: Find a New Way to Be Human on Instagram. He wrote, "So proud of my pastor. This book comes out on the 26th. Judah is the best speaker of our generation. Read this book [you] won't regret it."

Smith paid Bieber back on FOX and Friends saying that Bieber is a "spectacular" teen and who "makes fantastic decisions in his life."

Bieber apparently liked the statements and wanted to vouch for their authenticity. He tweeted back "@ChristianPost the man doesn't lie :)"

Good to know!

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