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Kathie Lee Gifford: Faith is the Greatest Gift I've Ever Given to My Children

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In the Christmas segment of Wednesday's show, Today Show Anchor Kathie Lee Gifford said that her relationship with her children is second only to her relationship with God, and she is grateful that she has been able to share her faith with them.

"I grateful I have children who actually want to spend time with me and want to talk to me about what's going on in their life. Thats the greatest blessing I've ever know in my life, is my relationship with my children outside of my relationship with God because I think teaching them from day one that He is paramount in their lives is the greatest gift I've ever given my children and it was the greatest gift that my parents ever gave me," she shared.

Gifford was raised according to the Jewish tradition but revealed in a 2000 interview with Larry King Live that she was is a born-again Christian.

The segment Wednesday featured interviews all of the Today Show anchors recounting their favorite Christmas memories.

Gifford, a singer, actress and the former co-host of “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee,” told Today Show Correspondent Jenna Bush Hager that she always enjoyed Christmas even though she grew up poor.

"We had very little monetarily as a family when I was growing up. My dad worked three jobs. My mom sold eggs door to door," she described.

However Gifford said she never felt poor: "I always felt that we were rich. I felt that we had so much love and anybody else in this world who understands what I'm talking about [knows if] you've got love, you've got people who love you, and you've got people to share life with, you're rich."

She said of Christmas, "It was never about what was under the tree, it was about being around the tree together."

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