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Kerry Washington Wed in Secret Jewish Ceremony?

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Scandel Actress Kerry Washington allegedly married 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in a private Idaho wedding according to a signed marriage licence unveiled by TMZ and E! online. The certificate also shows that the ceremony was led by Chisaraukwu Asomugha, the NFL's star's sister and reportedly a minister of Bet HaShem YHWH Worldwide Ministries in New Jersey.

Chisaraukwu Asomugha, who goes by Dr. Chisara Asomugha on multiple social networks as well as Nnamdi's Asomugha Foundation website, told the New Haven Independent in 2010 that she was ordained by Bet HaShem YHWH's ministry.

According to its website, "the vision of Bet HaShem YHWH is to propagate the name of the Heavenly Father, the truth of the Word, and to win all manner of mankind to Christ Yahshua, whereby to bring everlasting change into the earth."

The predominately African-American Bet HaShem YHWH church appears similar to the Messianic Jewish community. The church characterizes its self as Christian church rooted in "scriptures sound teaching, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and revelation knowledge." However it also practices some Jewish customs such as a weekly Shabbat service.

Among other customs, Jewish nuptuals typically take place under a canopy called a Chuppah and require the groom to wear some kind of ceremonial dress --be it a prayer shawl called the talit or a white robe called kittel -- according to JewishWeddingNetwork.com. A Messianic Jewish wedding may also feature these same customs.

It is unclear what was the nature of Washington's Wedding.

The licence show that ceremonly likely took place last week Monday in the presence of the Washington's parents. It is unclear how long Washington, 36, dated Nnamdi Asomugha, 31.

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