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Lady Gaga Inspires New Burqa Craze

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Controversial pop singer Lady Gaga has long dabbled in Christian symbolism with songs like Judas. Now she just into Muslim culture, inspiring fans to cover their faces with her new song Burqa. The song suggests that the burqa, a loose garment commonly worn by Islamic women with veiled holes for the eyes, is a sex symbol with lyrics like "Do you wanna see me naked, lover? Do you wanna peak underneath the cover?”

The song has sparked her twitter followers to post pictures of themselves with burqa-esque covers with the hash tag #BurqaSwag. These followers whom Gaga affectionately calls her "monsters" have taken to Twitter veiling themselves in blankets, scarves, and even their own hair.


The act has sparked religious outrage. One muslim woman took to the Washington Post to criticize the Mother Monster's new song and resulting craze.

In open letter to Gaga, student Umema Aimen wrote "I understand that in making 'Burqa,' you were exercising your right to free speech. But you’re a pop culture icon and you influence the way millions of people think." She continued, "To them (fans), it was one big joke, but to me, it was one big insult."

This is not the first time the pop icon has insulted the religious. Protestant Christians and Catholics were insulted when she protrayed Mary Magdalene as being involved in a love triangle with Jesus Chris and Judas Iscariot for the music video for her single Judas.


Culture and Media Institute Managing Editor Matt Philbin said of the Judas video, "Gaga trades in shock, so a song identifying with Jesus' betrayer is hardly surprising."

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