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Lady Gaga Prays for Victims of the Santa Maira, Brazil Fire

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Screen grab of Lady Gaga's Twitter page

Pop songstress Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta rallied her Twitter following to pray for the college students killed in a Brazilian nightclub Saturday. After learning of the tragedy Sunday afternoon, Gaga tweeted a picture of her in a prayer post along with messages "My heart is with you Brazil" and "Sending my prayers to the families and friends who lost loved one (sic) in the fire in Brazil. Im (sic) thinking of you today during this tragedy."

Reuters reported that 233 people were killed in a Santa Maria's Kiss nightclub after the pyrotechnic light show during a band's performance set the ceiling on fire. The fire created toxic fumes which asphyxiated club goers, many of whom were college students.

The club was reportedly operating illegally and lacked functioning fire extinguishers and clear exit signs. Additionally the body guards refused to let patrons out believing that they were trying to leave without paying for their drinks.

Gaga was alerted to the tragedy after a blogger tweeted "A Little Monster died in a tragedy here in Brazil! His name is Luiz Felipe! Mother Monster Pray for him! @ladygaga #PrayForSantaMaria +181"

This is not the first time Gaga urged her fans - whom she refers to as "little monsters"- to partake in Christian act. The former Catholic school student seemingly encouraged fans to embrace abstinence when she told journalists in Germany "I think young kids should wait as long as they can before they have sex."

However Gaga said she said to wait to have sex with "someone who really loves you" rather than marriage.

Gaga's picture of her praying was retweeted 45,000 times of 11:00 Monday morning.

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